Black Girls' Night Out: Doran and Clark

I tried.  I really tried.  But like Ankh, I'm going to throw in the towel on chronicling the exploits of Doran and Clark because--so far, at least--there is really nothing to chronicle. 

From what I've been able to tell so far, Olivia is simply a trophy wife.  Beautiful, pampered, a bit of a diva.  A woman who, at the moment, is meant to be seen and admired like a lovely piece of art or a fine piece of jewerly.  We've seen her plan parties, shop at high end boutiques, take Jane (the show's female protagonist) out to expensive lunches and smile adoringly at her husband while everyone else around her is actually doing things.  And yes, while some of those things are unquestionably idiotic (I mean really...Jane seems to have a penchant for sneaking down into the Drake's dark, creepy basement all by herself at night no less), but damn it, at least they're doing stuff.

Now to be fair, judging by the lastest episode, Olivia might just start to play a bigger role in the story's overall arc.  Although I've always had an inkling that she knew what was going on with her husband (which to be honest, I certainly don't though it's obvious that he's an evil SOB), it was more or less confirmed on the most recent episode.  She seems just as concerned as he is about some mysterious carved wooden box that was stolen from their apartment (a fact that Gavin had been keeping from her) and what that could mean for their safety.  And from the looks of her worried reaction to the box's theft, along with Gavin's murderous determination to get it back, the audience is meant to gather that the box is Very Important.  You know...just in case we couldn't figure it out from the numerous close-up shots, the creepy music that's played for full effect whenever we catch sight of it, and the ominous way that the chartacters talk about it.

I will say this thought...so far, this show is seriously wasting Vanessa L. Williams talent.  She was awesome in Ugly Betty and killed it when she joined the cast of Desperate Housewives for the two seasons that she graced its presence with her awesomeness.  I have no idea why the creators would cast such a recognizable talent and then blithely proceed not to do anything even remotely interesting with her character.  Yes, we all know that she's gorgeous, but she's also amazingly talented.  I'd like to see that side of her too.

As for Nona, there's obviously something important about her character though we haven't fully been let in on the Big Reveal yet.  We know she's clairvoyant and that she seems to know things about the Drake that she probably shouldn't.  Things that a good portion of the adults can't seem to figure out despite all the weird crap that consistently goes on there.

And we recently found out--after being teased for weeks now--that there is indeed a grandmother (albeit a currently silent one that was on camera for all of a few seconds).  Unfortunately, Nona is not in every episode and so far, her scenes have been relatively brief, but it looks like her role might be expanded very soon.

Not surprisingly, I read on the 'Net that this is one of those shows that is currently on the cancellation bubble and may get the axe.  But even if that wasn't the case, I'm only going to post every couple of episodes or so.  Anything else would be a waste of time.


  1. Cue my lack of surprise.


    Not surprisingly, I read on the 'Net that this is one of those shows that is currently on the cancellation bubble and may get the axe. Wouldn't miss this show one bit.

    1. ^^Ditto.

      But damn, Queen Vanessa is stunning in that photo.

    2. Vanessa always looks stunning. It's hard for her not to.

    3. She was my only excuse to keep doing these. 'Cause I knew the pix would be awesome.

  2. 666 AVENUE has been cancelled by ABC:


    1. Didn't see that coming. *whistles innocently*

    2. Wow, definitely not surprised, but a bit disappointed. I actually do like these types of shows and I was really looking forward to the (hopeful) development of Nona's and Olivia's characters. Shame...


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