Black Girls' Night Out: Granger & Kopelson

Kelly McCreary

I'm on the fence about this one.

First off, I'm proud of Miss Kelly McCreary, who plays Dr. Tyra Granger.  Ever since this show started, there's been an increase in photos of her on the web, which makes my job a little easier.

So in this past week's ep of Emily Owens, MD, we got to know a little more about Tyra (emphasis on "little").  Emily asks her the stereotypical question about her "lesbian a-ha" moment (you know...the "When did you first know?" question).  To which Tyra replies, "When did you first know you were straight?"

We learn that there is no "a-ha" moment...which then creates a "duh" moment for the audience.

Moving onto the Wicked Bitch of the West Wing.

So Dr. Cassandra Kopelson scores a surgery early on in the episode, after she psychs Emily out during rounds.  She then chokes during her first surgery at the end of the episode, and thus we witness her first humanizing moment...such as it is.

So, all right, all right...we're getting a little bit of new info about these women, and some lame attempt at social commentary.  I'm really taking this one on faith because I still don't trust the CW.

What do Tyra's and Cassandra's apartments look like?  Why don't they have more screen time which doesn't involve Emily?  The ratings off this show are already so low (which sucks, 'cause I kinda like Mamie Grummer) that the writers need to get it together and step things up.  Grey's Anatomy, House, Scrubs, and ER already cornered the medical drama market.

Emily Owens, MD needs to bring a new angle.


  1. The ratings for EMILY OWENS M.D. are so low that I am watching with the thought that it will be cancelled by January.

    However, I still really like the show. It seems like all the characters' lives will revolve around Emily's because the show's concept is that she is present in practically every scene.

    I like that Tyra pointed out that she was a black lesbian in high school when Emily was complaining. Tyra astutely stated that Emily was white and straight in high school, so it was doubtful that she had it worse than Tyra.

  2. I wonder why the ratings are so low.

  3. Nobody gives a shit about Emily's life. At least that's my impression.


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