Black Girls' Night Out: Granger & Kopelson

Okay, okay...getting a little more interesting.  And by that, I mean SOME attempt at fleshing out is being made.

And by "some", I mean a little, so don't get your hopes up.  I really don't see this show lasting beyond the first season (cue the Club's lack of surprise).

Last week's ep was where the audience got to meet Dr. Tyra Granger's beard.  That's right...we got to meet the guy she's pretending to date in order to avoid telling her parents she's gay.

And if we ever needed proof Tyra was is actually gay, just check out the dude who doesn't turn her on.

Daddy's Hawaiian, Mommy's Italian, and Sonny came out looking juuuuuuust right.  His real name?  Marcus Coloma.

In exchange for playing Tyra's beard, "Rick" asks to be set up with Emily.  It bombs, and then it gets extra awkward when Tyra's father stumbles across them at the coffee shop and thinks Rick and Emily are screwing.  Tyra has to "break up" with Rick and then pretend to not be speaking to Emily.

As it turns out, Rick only wanted Emily to for drinks and sex to take his mind off yet another ex of his.  And while that makes him a jerk, he does serve a higher purpose.  He reminds Tyra that lying to her parents about her sexuality is exactly what she did all through high school, and that she hasn't changed at all.

And that's her plotline for this ep.  Cliched, anti-climactic...and she's gone for most of her own story.

But I gotta admit that's sooooooo much better than Cassandra Kopelson's situation.

So apparently, Emily stuck with her guns and insisted that Will can't date Cassandra.  He's taken to blowing Cassandra off (rudely), and the guilt is driving Emily insane.  By the end of the episode, she predictably recants her little mandate, but here's what gets me:

1) Guys don't give two shits when the girl they don't like disapproves of the girl they do like.  So, the fact that a white guy hesitates to ask out a black girl he supposedly likes because a white girl disapproves tends to set off alarms.

2) Much of this episode focused on Cassandra sucking up to Emily to get intel on why Will is suddenly blowing her off. So when Emily so generously recants her mandate to Will, it's like the white guy needed the white girl's permission to date the black girl, and the black girl's gotta pay the humility toll before Emily will even "allow" the relationship to begin.

To say this little bit of writing was a total fail is a huge understatement.  Call me crazy, but the Wicked Bitch of the West Wing doesn't need Emily's permission to do shit.  If their races were all reversed there wouldn't even have been a story.

And any dude who's willing to let someone like Emily get in the way of dating someone like Cassandra is so utterly unworthy.  Period.  As far as I'm concerned, they need to send in Rick Yune or Sinqua Walls or Nathaniel Arcand to sweep Cassandra off her feet because Will is officially useless.  Hell...if it absolutely has to be a white dude I'm fairly certainly Tom Felton or Luka Šulić wouldn't mind returning to the US.

Shoot, Jensen Ackles has a show on the same channel.  I'm sure he could be persuaded to guest star.


  1. Like I need another reason not to trust the CW where Women of Abundant Melanin is concerned.

  2. Rick only wanted Emily to for drinks and sex to take his mind off yet another ex of his.

    Sweet baby Jesus, he could have me for drinks and sex any time of the day. That man is fine!

  3. and FUCK EMILY OWENS! What is this mandate shit? Who is she to tell another person who they can or cannot date? What's the dilly-o?

    Fuck that show.

    1. Not to mention the constant references to Emily's "guilt" about the whole situation.

      *rolls eyes*

  4. All the guys you mentioned...send them all in to be Cassandra's possible love interest.

  5. 3 POCs on the show and it's still on the air?


  6. EMILY OWENS M.D. has been cancelled by The CW. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2012/11/28/emily-owens-md-canceled-by-the-cw-will-air-all-13-episodes-ordered/159559/

  7. Enjoy this post; it's the last. I see no point to keep on posting about a show that's on the chopping block.


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