Black Girls' Night Out: Michonne

"I won't t deny it, I'm a straight rider; you don't wanna fuck wit me."
Even though I love The Walking Dead, I'm annoyed.  Michonne is a popular character in the comics, but they are treating her like a red-headed stepchild on the show.  She hardly speaks, and I just can't imagine that's how she's portrayed in the books.  Word on the street is that she isn't.  So again, we have a case of a sistah on the tube that's there to satisfy the basic requirements of the comic book.

Michonne is one-note; entirely focused on leaving Woodbury.  While that in an of itself is not an issue, what is problematic is her lack of screen time.  I'm estimating she had five to seven minutes onscreen, and I think I'm being liberal in my estimation.  But can I say that I'm surprised?  Hell no.  It's still business as usual.  And to add my two cents after watching this episode, she needs to leave Andrea's pasty dumb ass behind.  She definitely doesn't need her, but I guess she's tired of being lonely.  *sigh*

*Warning:  Spoiler follows*

Side note:  T-Dawg (at one time the only brotha; he got got saving a white woman) is dead, but another brotha (hopefully Tyreese) is now present.  Apparently, they can't have two brothas on the show at the same time.  Quota issues, I'm sure.

Update:  I just set up a discussion forum on my blog for TWD.  Fans, you are welcome to join in!


  1. I can't fathom why she stays behind for Andrea. That girl is not about the business. Drop her ass and leave.

    And I keep wondering how menstruation might affect a woman during a zombie apocalypse.

    This latest episode was annoying beyond belief. Got all my discussion out on SOB but I'll just copy and paste a few observations.


    I knew something was fishy when Theodore started expressing opinions and shit this past episode. And he was the only one who seemed to consider the prisoner' desire to be included among the group or at least acknowledged more significantly. And then Rick went on about arguing with him and it made me think "is this man treating T-Dog like a muffuckin character?" Like seriously, you're arguing with him like he matters or something. I was hella suspicious from that point on b/c while he had spoken a few times before he had never really been characterized. And this episode he received all of five minutes of characterization. And then there was the zombie outbreak. And I just knew T-Dog's days were numbered. And then he has the nerve to say some shit like "God gon take care of me" while helping save Carol. He jumped into a group of zombies for her and saved hella people, being the muffuckin MVP of this episode. Like seriously, fuck that noise! Theodore Douglas deserved way better than this. They should have just let him die with Jackie in season one. I just could not believe this episode. And there was a lot of bullshit in this episode.

    And lastly some notes on Lori: Lori was designed to be hated. I couldn't help but kinda laugh at all the drama surrounding her delivering the baby. Rick's reaction, while well-acted, was kinda funny. Like she was just a mouthpiece. Just a character for people to project their hatred of women onto. I get the whole wanting the baby to live and everything but these things were not the least bit thought out. For one, assume the baby was not as quiet as a sleeping lamb. Then you have this little fire alarm wailing at every minute drawing many a walker within hearing distance. And food. None of the ladies are lactating so how the hell are you going to find food for the baby to eat?? And this thing is fucking brand new. No proper milk for immune defense and this baby is prob never going to receive a single immunization b/c there are no functioning hospitals in sight. The plot just felt so convoluted. It didn't make any sense for her to have a baby given the circumstances. And the story was never written for it to appear as though she had a legitimate choice. Essentially everyone just bullied her, esp Rick, into having the baby.

  2. I'm stealing Marona... Spoilertastic!!

    It is always quota issues only two blacks for televisions shows but you can have many in the books.

    "but another brotha (hopefully Tyreese) is now present."

    I said this on the Blasian Narrative a awhile ago:


    "I have a feeling if they do introduce Tyrese they are going to make him a prisoner at the prison (because you know black men are in prison)**sarcasm** It will basically keep in line how they treat POC's on tv."

    Which pisses me off, actually this whole show is pissing me off. Believe me Michonne would not be sticking around for Andrea. How can you have a major player that's in the graphic novels not say but two words on the tv show, but you can make up new characters for the show and they get lines upon lines to speak.

    Also in the graphic novels Lori and the baby are both killed at the same time. It would have made more since if they killed Lori with the baby still in the womb, but maybe that's taboo and they can't show on AMC.

    1. We totally need a Walking Dead discussion forum so we can hash out the episodes. TBGC isn't really the place for it, so I'm gonna set one up on my blog. Fans of TWD...join me on the Dark Side.

      I co-sign on all of this. Lori was designed to be hated, and as far as I'm concerned, she succeeded.


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