Black Girls Night Out: Michonne

"I'm a freaking surgeon with this katana."
This week's episode of The Walking Dead ("Hounded") was great. The show opens with a group of men looking for Michonne, who was, in turn, hunting them. She leaves a message to ward them off.  Said message was the mutilated body of a zombie arranged to spell out the words "Go Back."  Mofos didn't heed the warning and got jacked up, sushi style.

Michonne comes out swinging, literally, and dispatches two of the redshirts sent to catch her (the reasons why elude me, but they can't be good).  The hunt continues, and Michonne makes a valuable discovery during her next skirmish with the two remaining males.

As was not the case with Queen Vanessa Williams & 666 Park Avenue (now cancelled), Michonne's screen time has increased (a little) and her scenes pack a punch even though she rarely speaks.  She figures out a way to walk among the zombies without getting attacked and manages to find her way to Rick's group and relative safety.  I hope her arrival at the prison means that she will actually get to have a conversation and exhibit facial expressions that aren't limited to scowling. I am looking forward to next week's ep.


  1. "I hope her arrival at the prison means that she will actually get to have a conversation and exhibit facial expressions that aren't limited to scowling."

    *Refuses to hold breath*

    As expected many within the fandom dislike Michonne.

    1. I refuse also. I have given up.

    2. As expected many within the fandom dislike Michonne.

      Damn, she hasn't done anything but protect dumb-ass Andrea and kick major ass. What the hell is there not to like? Oh...wait...

    3. This is me exhibiting no surprise.

    4. Why don't they like her? She's one of my favorite characters and I juste can't figure out why anyone could dislike her badass-ness.

  2. I literally just finished watching this episode and I am so glad that we finally got to see the awesomness that is Michonne in all her glory. We got glimpses of it before, but this was the truth. I don't care what bull Merle was trying to peddle...he was scared.

    And I so agree with your assessment. I hope that now that she's finally going to be with Rick and the rest of the group, she'll get to actually show more emotion. I also hope we also get more of her back story, but I've noticed that TWD seems to have a problem fleshing out some of its characters (esp the POC ones), so I'm not holding my breath.

  3. Michonne is my girl, but she seems to have too much of an attitude. She needs to open up a little more to people if she expects them to trust what she says.


  4. To be honest, my first reaction when she brought back the supplies to the prison was "Whyyyyy Michonne whyyyy". She had already showed that she doesn't like to be tied down when she left Andrea. I feel like with the group she won't be able to do what she wants and will be silenced again.
    After reading your post, I understand why you're excited though. Her joining the group might give her a chance to open up.

  5. I thought Michonne was a fan favorite? I've only just started watching this show but people have been telling me that have have been dying for Michonne to finally show up and kick ass like she does in the comic. Maybe it's the new fans that hate her. Hopefully the base fandom outnumbers them and her character isn't butchered too badly.


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