Black Girls' Night Out: Michonne

Michonne and the brotha that ain't Tyreese.
Well, it seems things are holding true to form in TV land.  This is me exhibiting no surprise.  In episode #307, "When the Dead Come Walking," Michonne ends up at the prison where Rick's group is.  She's injured, covered in zombie blood (which protects her), and carrying the baby formula which is her ticket of entry.  Rick sees her at the gate and isn't quite sure if she's a zombie or not until she shanks a few of them before passing out.

When Rick asks her who she is and how she found them, she doesn't answer.  It takes some time for her to finally speak and let the group know what's going on outside of the prison.  She agrees to take them to Woodbury to rescue the idiots who stupidly allowed themselves to get caught.  #studentsofdumbassuniversity

I get that it's a zombie apocalypse and all, and a single woman should always have her guard up and not trust anybody.  But it is really starting to annoy me that the writers are keeping Michonne one-note and relatively silent.  Clearly, she's there to satisfy the fact that she's a character in the books.  They haven't tried to develop her character and at this point, I doubt if they will.  She, like T-Dog, is simply filling space.  T-Dog eventually died (saving a white woman), so I would not be surprised if Michonne shares the same fate.  Word on the street is that the show is deviating from the comics to a great extent, so I honestly expect this to happen.

I'm a fan of the show, so I won't stop watching and I'll continue my analysis as long as Michonne remains.  The show will take a hiatus after next week and resume in February.  Maybe by then, somebody on the writing staff will grow some ovaries or some balls and flesh out this marvelous character.  Because I'm sick and tired of seeing this expression:

The above is an accurate representation of Michonne's character.


  1. You just...you can't...I can't...*throws hands in the air*


  2. I don't she'll die anytime soon especially since spoiler**** she's still alive in the comics****.

    Even though she speaks more in the comic and has become a fan favorite, her character was always that type of person to only say just enough to get her point across. A lot of her development does happen but a bit at a time and you find out about her quirks.

    What I didn't like was that they've made Andrea into a completely different character from the comic and I thin she needs to go next.

  3. Can I borrow Michonne's frustrated face. I agree with Amon that they are not going to get rid of Michonne that quick but there is a 2 negro minimum for the show, so we will see how that plays out especially if they are going to bring in Tyrese in the future.

    What's also bothering me is the governor's character in the tv show. I just don't feel that psychotic edge coming from him. It's almost like they want you to sympathize with him, but then again it's AMC and they were not going to show the rape and torture that the Governor does in the comic. It just doesn't add up to me.

    I think with Michonne since they are definitely going way off script that they could have really done more with her character on the TV show. And I'm with Amon about Andrea but I think in the end she will go back with the group once she finds out what the Governor has been up to.

  4. Are you guys talking about the character of Tyreese from the comics or the singer/actor Tyrese whom I hate?

    1. Tyreese from the comics. That fucker Tyrese is not welcome here.

    2. LOL. Yeah I keep spelling his name wrong.

  5. Thank you for clearing that up. I can NOT stand him! You guys had me worried!

  6. One thing I have learned about this show over the past three seasons is that it sucks big-time at character development for their POC cast members. They tried to shove three and half seasons worth of development in for T-Dog in his very last ep and we still don't really know anything about Glen. What saves Glen from being as insignificant as T-Dog was is that he's been given interesting things to do, and his character has grown a lot over the past couple of seasons.

    The funny thing is, fanboys wanted to know more about T-Dog. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and one of the biggest complaints was that he never got any development. Now they're saying the same thing about Michonne. They want more than the writers are currently giving them.

    Given the show's past history though, I'm not expecting much. They'll have to prove me wrong.

    1. What cinnamon said.

      I was like, "They're finally starting to make T-Dog into an actual charact--uh oh! Guess I'll make a potato salad for the funeral repast."

      Methinks Glen is significant because he's banging a WW. T-Dog might have survived if he porked Carol.

      So little to no expectation that they'll do something awesome with Michonne or Oscar. Better go ahead and start peeling potatoes.

  7. I was so upset about T-Dog's death. I felt that his character did not have a chance. Its crazy how much the fans loved him.

    Tyreese is coming. He is played by Chad Coleman ( The Wire). Also, Tyreese's arrival means that another main character is going to die. Michonne is pretty much safe. Her arrival is needed to help out Rick. Plus in the comic books, she is still alive and Rick's right hand woman.

    My guess is Maggie may die on Sunday. I hope not but, people have been speculating this all over the net.

    1. Or Oscar, the brotha in the pic. You know there's a two-negro maximum on the show.


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