Political Sisters: Dr. Susan Rice

Feel free...to hate on me.
First let me start off by saying I love Rachel Maddow and want to have her babies.  The Moms and I sit down every evening to watch her show.  It is on her show (and other MSNBC shows) where I consistently get see not only impressive women, but impressive women of color.

Last night's impressive WOC?  The polished, the accomplished, and the luminously beautiful Dr. Susan Rice.  She's both a Stanford and Oxford graduate), and a Rhodes scholar.

Back in 2008, Rice (not related to Condoleezza) was nominated by President Obama to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations (he also upgraded the position cabinet level).  As you may have guessed, she's the second woman to hold the position and the first Black woman to do so.

Word on Capitol Hill now has her as a contender to succeed the great Senator Hillary Clinton...so you already know where this conversation is going.
Sen. John McCain had vowed shortly before Obama's remarks that he would take all steps necessary to block Rice's nomination if the president chooses her to replace Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who plans to step down.

...Another name mentioned as a possible candidate for secretary of state is Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, a Democrat who has taken on envoy roles for the administration in Afghanistan and had been mentioned for the post when Obama was first elected.

Senior Senate aides and lawmakers have said Kerry would have no problem winning Senate confirmation and see him as a far better fit than Rice, who has had little contact with members of Congress. But the selection of Kerry would create an opening for the Senate seat in Massachusetts, and Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who lost re-election last week, would be a heavy favorite to win the seat.

That would weaken the grip the Democrats have on the Senate.

~ "Why Susan Rice is being targeted by Republicans"
Keep in mind that McCain, a.k.a. He Who Inflicted Palin upon the World, has also stated Rice is "not qualified" and "not very bright." Faux Fox News is also currently running an article entitled "Susan Rice's miserable record at the UN." I will not defile this blog by linking it here, but readers can Google it.

In the meantime, let's do a quick comparison, shall we?


  1. McCain...........> \_ Please, and thank you.

    1. You hear how he missed the very Benghazi hearing he demanded? He blamed a "scheduling error" for why he missed top-level committee meeting.

    2. ....I don't even have the energy to offer up a good, "Ol' bytch, PLEASE!".

  2. Cannot ask for a better woman to the job.Its too bad that some people like McCain and friends cannot accept defeat.Grief!! It finished..over...stopped...anywords to say the past is the past. And they wonder why they are in the position that they're in?

    1. I was under the impression Kerry was a shoo-in for the job, but now...now I want Rice.

  3. I need that old-ass wrinkled fucker to have a seat or die already.


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