Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

The theme of this week's Person of Interest was relationships.  The Machine spat out two the social security numbers of a white, wealthy, over-privileged couple who are so bland and boring it's no surprise they put a hit out on each other.

Finch gets the idea that they should just leave the WASPs to kill each other because there are more deserving people who need their help.  But because the Machine doesn't spit out any other numbers, they're stuck with this saving this couple.

Fusco stakes out the wife, and brings a date on his stakeout (and they have excellent chemistry).  While staking out the husband, Carter and Reese talk.  She admits she'd like to move on, but working and being a single mom is life-consuming.  This is episode where she meets her future love interest, by the way (Sterling K. Brown), and it's every bit as disappointing as I thought it would be.

Seriously...Morris Chestnut didn't need a paycheck?  Is Larenz Tate not interested in a comeback?  No one thought to coax Andre 3000 out of the studio?  Really?

Anyways, the crew saves the day by stopping the bad guys and forcing this worthless couple who are so wealthy we don't sympathize with their failing marriage to remember they're in love.


Last week wasn't one of the more exciting episodes of Scandal, but it didn't need to be.  The writers are balancing quite a few difficult emotional elements because they're not lazily leaving loose ends.

The Prez is back (finally) and he's not over Liv.  Liv's secretiveness about her relationship with the Prez is causing problems in her new relationship with the Sexy Chocolate Senator (who's charming as hell).

David Rosen wants Abby the Red to take him back.  He's blowing up her cell phone like a lovesick puppy and it's heart-wrenching.

Cyrus's husband James is proving to be an effective and thorough journalist.  What took a loooooong time for Abby and David to come across about the voting machines took him half an episode to sniff out.  And yes...they rigged that election.  They rigged the hell out of it and it's scary just to watch.

Quinn and Huck developed an interesting dynamic in this episode.  Because Liv's team is charged with keeping a billionaire's bout of crazy from going public,  Quinn had an unexpected moment of bad-assery.  As she investigates her own abduction which turned her into "Quinn", we see her research and manipulation skills blossoming, along with a ruthlessness which rivals her teammates'.

Harrison the Gladiator finally gets to step forward and run things in Liv's absence, but I wish his scenes were a bit more memorable.  Let me clarify that the actor is not the problem; I just think the writers are still trying to find their rhythm with him.

And then...there's Wifey, and the little surprise waiting for her hubby the Prez at the end of the episode.


  1. Not a fan of Sterling K. Brown, eh? I thought that he and Taraji P. Henson had good chemistry. What would have made his character less disappointing to you?

    I found this week's episode of SCANDAL to be boring. It was so hyped, but only the last two minutes were interesting.

  2. You know I gotta add my two cents. Starting with Scandal:

    I agree that it wasn't the most exciting ep in the world, but that may have very well been by design with that shocker of an ending. Wow! I think Mellie is a red herring, but she may very well know something based on the way she was acting right before it happened (and after being the one to play the party in the first place). I also wouldn't put it past Cyrus. You know...just have a gunman wound Fitz to have the whole country rally behind him. Stranger things have happened.

    Kerry Washington looked stunning in that dress at the end, and I for one was happy to see the Farrah Fawcett flips get the old heave ho. I hope they stay gone and we get back the soft layers from last season.

    Edison is still growing on me (very, very slowly). That whole "name all the people you dated when we weren't together" exchange got on my nerves. Even if my ex hadn't been the prez, I probably still wouldn't be inclined to run down the list like he seemed to want her to do.

    I'm glad that Harrison finally got to shine, and we're clearly seeing his conflict over what he did to Abby. I think this will continue to play out over the rest of the season, and when Abby finally does find out, she's going to be really hurt. I hope he gets more screen time and that the writers finally figure out what to do with his character. He definately deserves better.

    James is long for a bullet, although as my niece pointed out to me, since a reporter was already killed digging into something he shouldn't, Shonda & Co. might not go there again. But I can't imagine that he'll get out of this whole thing unscathed after stumbling upon something so huge.

    I know one thing...I sure can't wait until Thursday!

  3. Yeah I was on and off on POI and I'm not going to lie, I basically put me to sleep. Like you said the couple on the show was just there. There was nothing exciting about them. I also agree with you about Sterling. The chemistry was there. They seemed more like platonic friends than being having a real connection with each other.

  4. On to POI (got a lot to say):

    I thought this ep was very interesting...not so much for this week's number as the dynamics between the main characters. Some things seem like they may be starting to fall into place. The obvious theme of the night was couples in few different iterations. Finch/Grace (love in the past and present), the Drakes (love lost and found), Fusco/Rhonda (the blush of a possible new love), Carter/Reese ("whatever this is") and to a lesser degree Carter/Beecher (new possibilities).

    The Drakes: a mildly amusing number this week. The concept of a married couple's numbers coming up because they're both the victims and the perpetrators was amusing, although I really think their story was just a clever way to lay out the real stories this week.

    Fusco/Rhonda: I was pleasantly surprised to see Fusco in a different setting this week. He looked way more in his element on the stakeout portion of his date than at that fancy restaurant though. I acually liked Rhonda. She was a good fit for Fusco, and I really hope that she doesn't turn out to a plant for HR or something.

    Finch/Grace: We finally got to see Finch truly happy for once. Hell, he even made me swoon a little with that scavenger hunt he sent Grace on (never would've pegged Finch as a romantic). It was nice to see another side of his personality. And his dry humor always makes me chucke.

    Carter/Beecher: The jury's still out for me on his character. He came on a little too strong for me at first, having just met Carter, but that's just me. That has a tendency to turn me off, but Carter obviously didn't mind, because she agreed to go out to dinner with him in the end (loved her face when he asked her out). As has been mentioned on a board I frequent, I think he's going to be a foil for Reese (as Zoe may very well ending up being a foil for Carter). It definitely wouldn't surprise me if he turns out to be shady.

    Carter/Reese: The conversation in the car is by far the most personal, intimate conversation we've seen between these two. We learned that Carter's marriage may not have been all roses and light, which only makes me want to know even more about her husband and what happened there. It lays a great framework to learn more of her backstory, which I'm greatly looking forward to.

    Reese's question to Carter about moving on was surprising given the topic of marriage gone wrong (I'd think more a "what happened?" was in order) and Carter's answer was equally as interesting. The deliberate use of the term "whatever this is" to describe their relationship was purposeful by the writers, I think, keeping their relationship undefined and pliable. IMO, this was by no means a platonic conversation, although some people think that it firmly cements their relationship as "just friends." *shrugs* Maybe I'm missing something. Love how Beecher's call interrupts Reese before he can answer Carter's question about moving on (would he have even answered?) and Carter puts the call on speaker, bringing that triangle into the car (the same triangle was made when Zoe and Carter met for the first time).

    All in all, with this new character development, the Stanton/Snow thing still hanging out there, Fusco's seeming slide back into shadindess, Root's crazy ass still roaming around, and the threat of the Machine always hanging over their heads, we should be in for some good stuff this season.

    1. I don't think that was the first time that Carter & Beecher met. They work at the same precinct and seemed to have interacted before.

    2. ("whatever this is")

      Perfect fanfic title.

  5. Can we get a new thread on Scandal because we need to talk about Huck!

    1. Oh, honey...it's on its way. Watching "Scandal" right now.


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