Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

On May 4, 2012 I debuted the Black Girls' Night Out series on a whim, and I do mean a whim; I came up with the series title on the spot.  The goal was to simply to review CBS's Person of Interest and ABC's Scandal on a weekly basis.  The series thus expanded to include other shows, and has since become a staple here at the Black Girls' Club.

But to be very, very honest with you, I'm about to stop bothering with POI because quite frankly, watching it has become a chore.  This last episode, for example, was a complete waste of my time.

Because I tend to write about Det. Carter first, I typically watch POI first.  Last night, I skipped to Scandal, and was going to go get caught up on Once Upon a Time when I remembered I had to watch POI.  That's when I noticed I really wasn't looking forward to it.

So Carter talked to Beecher (who's casting choice remains a huge fail IMHO) for about five seconds in the episode before last.  This week, they apparently had a date and the only reason we even know about it is that Finch semi-teases Carter about it in a three-second phone call.  Excuse me?

We've had Fusco's, Reese's, and Finch's love interests shoved in our faces for entire episodes and this is all we get for Carter?  I'm sorry but someone else is going to have to start chronicling this bullshit.  When I say "I'll watch anything with Taraji Henson" I mean I'll watch if it's about her, not if she's doing three-minute cameos hither and thither while I'm subjected to yet another Alpha White Male storyline.

I'm tired of waiting.  We're already into the seventh episode of the second season, and I'm still "waiting".  Everybody else on this show is getting seriously fleshed out, but with Carter, we're still "waiting".  Taraji Henson - like Garcelle Beauvais - is officially a Lure because I see no other reason as to why she's even on the show.

That being said, we can finally move onto Scandal because right now, where Black women are concerned, that's the only show which really has my attention (no pressure, Meagan Good).

Lord have mercy.  The writers on Scandal can't lay low for long and when they do, it's an epic fakeout.

This...show.  This...friggin'...show.  The episodes are really starting to surprise me, which is exceedingly rare with TV these days.  I was not expecting the Prez to catch a few bullets.

I wasn't expecting more flashbacks from the campaign trail; I thought we'd seen all we needed to see but I was wrong.  I applaud the next-level acting we're getting from Tony Goldwyn and oh yes...they went there with the Sally Hemmings/Thomas Jefferson comment.

They really went there.

The flashbacks helped to show us how and why Liv and the Prez fell in love and have something more than just an affair.  It also shed more light on James and Cyrus, who are officially my favorite couple on the show.  Hollis Doyle continues to amuse the hell out of me, and then, of course...there's Huck.


  1. So.....if the Black woman character isn't the star of the show*, don't effing bother to expect much development for them? Duly

    *'Suits' appears to be the exception so far. May they continue having good sense.

    1. Haven't been watching Suits, but I'm about to start.

    2. Just added season 1 to my Netflix cue. Expect lots of screen caps of Perfection Herself.

  2. Dear Shonda: How dare you! HOW DARE YOU...make me like a loveable assassin named Huck that likes to kill people. Ma'am I need you to fix what you had Huck do in the next episode. Thank you.

    P.S.-To President Fitz who proclaimed that liv was his sunshine and clouds in the sky when the rainbow is not enough, you almost gave me the farklempt...Dammit! Now you know if this was real life we would be calling Olivia all types of hussy.

    Now on to the conspiracy theories or questions I have. **SPOILERS!!!!**

    1. Why you so messy Huck? This is sooooo out of Hucks character to be so messy of an assassin. Red Hoodie? Really!? Picking up shell casings everywhere. Its like he wanted to get caught or recognize so the question is why? Huck knows that the president is Liv's boo.

    2. The president's wife aka Black Widow- We all know Mellie is involved since she was so against him getting out the car and I actually think she hired Huck but I don't think she wanted him dead per say maybe just shot in the shoulder. But then again there were five shell casings Huck had picked up.

    Now if the president wakes up they might not have him remember what went down in the car before hand but if I was a writer I would have the president wake up, look at Mellie and tell Secrete Service to come get this Heffa RIGHT NOW!

    Secrete Service: But Mr. President this is you wife.

    President: I know who it is! This Heffa tried to kill me.

    3. This leads me to think maybe it was another assassin hired by Hollis and maybe the vice president was in on it. Hollis is dangerous, which makes me go back to question number 1 with Huck. Maybe Huck is protecting Liv.

    All I know is that next week is the mid season finally and I'm going to need some questions answered.

    1. Notice now you skipped right over POI so you could talk about Scandal.

      *nods* Much respect.

    2. LOL. Ank I still haven't watched POI and from the recaps you guys are discussing I'm not going to touch it.

    3. Meanie...boo...don't even bother. It's so not worth it.

  3. Ank, I really enjoy reading your commentary about
    "Person of Interest" and "Scandal". I know that you are tired of waiting, but is there any way to convince you to stick it out for four more episodes until the end of January? Carter's love interest returns next week (December 3rd episode), so the show has not dropped that storyline. Sterling K. Brown signed on for multiple episodes.

    Plus, January spoilers from Taraji P. Henson and the press release seem promising in terms of an Action!Carter arc with her own storyline focus. Like you, if January still brings no change, I will be extremely tired of waiting and pretty much over it.


    Intense episode - The flashbacks were divine. When Olivia mentioned Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson, I gasped! I thought that Shonda Rhimes was going to continue to ignore the race elephant that was in the room. It was shocking to a lot of viewers because Sally Hemmings immediately trended on Twitter.

    The sex scenes between Olivia and Fitz were hot, especially the one on the desk in The Oval Office.

    I think that Mellie loves Fitz. It's just that they are not compatible. I was surprised that Mellie had confronted Olivia about the affair a few years ago. During SCANDAL's first several episodes, Olivia acted like Mellie knew nothing about the affair. Huh.

    I suspected that Huck had shot Fitz, but what will happen now? How can Huck remain on the show unless he is a fugitive?

    Will Olivia become the White House Press Secretary again?

  4. Yeah,I feel you all with POI.So far,the little bit Ive seen from the series have left me confused,disappointed and bored. Basically,it just seems that the show is about work and no play.I don't why Taranji continues to be on the show.The producers/directors are basically making her into stone.It just seems that her character is being put in the backburner.

    Im sad to say that I have yet to see SCANDAL,but that is about to change after seeing the latest clip on it.OMG!that clip was too hot to handle! From blog to blog, Ive seen about the series has been nothing but impressive. If more TV execs would take Shondas approach ,TV would be worth watching.

    1. Yeah,I feel you all with POI.So far,the little bit Ive seen from the series have left me confused,disappointed and bored.

      Emphasis on "disappointed and bored."

  5. Tony Goldwin was amazing. That speech he gave in the Rose Garden? Way to bear your soul Fitz. That was my favorite moment in the entire episode. I love it when he seems like he is about to burst into tears because he loves Olivia so much.

    I do not have much to say about POI. I will still watch until the end of this season and hopefully Carter will be more than an errand girl with a badge because that is what her character feels like. It is insulting.

    1. an errand girl with a badge

      Thank you. I couldn't have phrased it better myself.


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