Black Girls' Night Out: Joanna Locasto

(h/t Meanie)

It's here!!!!

...because we love her face


  1. Here's what I dig so far: This is Meagan's show. She's at the center; she's not second-billed, she's not asexual or undesirable, and she's a professional. Scandal already got me used to this, so I could get used to more.

    I'll have to watch more before I can critique more deeply. What did y'all think?

    1. Likewise.

      So far, Im kinda liking it. I also like the fact that Meagan's character isn't in the backburner. She is in front center and she seems to be very active on this show.She really fits this role. Im also impressed with Laz's character as well.

      The other week, some of us were were frustrated about the lack of chemistry that Taranji P Henson's character have with her ex but with Laz, he seems right for the role to play her ex..and if they were playing the role as husband/ wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, it would fit them very well. They seem like friends from way back when. Laz just isn't some random Black guy who is on the show to fill in a Black mate quota. There is some real interaction between the them and even with the rest of the cast, it seems good.

      Even though I said a mouth full without seeing all the series, so far, Im impressed with this pilot. I don't know what the other series will bring,Im hoping that it will be good like the pilot.

    2. I was wondering if you had seen this and yeah I agree. i'm tired of her Meagan playing the best friend or the sidekick to lesser (white) actresses. It's past time she got her own show and gets her own shine.

    3. The look on her face when she got punched in the beginning - Emmy!!!!!

  2. The pilot was good, and the cast is solid. I hope that it does well on NBC.


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