Greatness...thy name is Nichelle

Happy 80th birthday to the original Perfection Herself, Nichelle Nichols.







Flawless.  Timeless.  Glorious.  Happy Birthday, Nichelle!

If you want to know about Nichelle Nichols' impact on NASA and society as a whole, check this out.

"Nichols, who played Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek  series, performed with Emil de Cou and the Pacific Ballet Northwest orchestra during the concert, singing the Star Trek theme with a voice that soared across the hall. In the post performance Q&A, Nichols revealed that she was asked by NASA to recruit women and minorities for the space shuttle program.
She relayed her response to NASA with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, “I am going to bring you so many qualified women and minority astronaut applicants for this position that if you don’t choose one… everybody in the newspapers across the country will know about it.”


  1. If I live to be half as great as this woman, I'll consider my life blessed.

  2. 80 years old and still looking good. With the exception of her gray hair, there is no age on her.She certainly don't look like she's that age.

  3. Yaaay! Happy Birthday! I was able to meet her in 2008 at the EBBAC (East Coast Black Age Comics) in Philly. One of my highlights and she still looks good.

  4. She's so perfect! Happy Solar Return!!! <3


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