Kid Fury Weighs in on "A Woman's Work"

I've been a fan of Kid Fury since he went in on Kiely Williams back in 2010.

I've been a bad fan and I should've watched more consistently, which I plan to. He's my boo-boo...and you're about to see why.


  1. And lemme tell you - most of us aren't wearing dem titty harnesses in our right gyatdamb sizes! So not only do they cost a shyt-ton, but what you think is yours AIN'T yours! UGH! >_<

    Kid's a damn fool, though.

  2. I caved and watched that 'music' video, even though I held off for two years based on the reviews alone. I have NO idea what Kiely was thinking with that I-lost-a-bet/drunk-freestyle-karaoke-night-with-the-crew offering, but her Disney card is as good as shredded. Hope she had something else lined up! I thought that 'awareness'* excuse was pure b.s. before I even watched the video, but now I can add 'steaming hot' to my prior opinion.

    *Someone should have pointed her to TLC's 'Waterfalls' the first time she mentioned that idea - IF she's telling the truth!

  3. I like his videos. this is my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVJ0XDLYQ2I

    I agree with a lot of what he said in this one too. the totally gross double standard(reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85HT4Om6JT4 ), periods(and he didn't even TOUCH on the digestive issues and drowsiness that comes with it), expensive "titty harness" that start degrading almost as soon as you buy them(ROFL)

  4. I've been a fan of Kid Fury for a while. He is hilarious, had me laughing at him and his mouse story.

  5. That Kiely Williams vid? Dafuq? Who told her that shit was cute? What, did she think she would win a fucking Grammy or something with that bullshit? Da hell??? Kid was right to roast her ass. Ain't heard shit from her since. *smh*

    That second vid: Spot-on. Nailed it.

    And people wonder why my standards are so high.

  6. *still reeling over the Kiely Williams video*

    somebody explain to me how you go from a Cheetah Girl to an alley cat? That's what I want to know.

    1. What hurts my feelings is that with just slight tweaking, both song and vid could've been passable.

    2. how you go from a Cheetah Girl to an alley cat?

      I nearly spewed corn chips on my monitor.

  7. In a cardboard box - Man that was harsh. Ha, ha, ha.

    Don't even get me stated on the heels. I am a woman and for the life of me, I don't know how women walk in them things especially in my country, where 95% of the roads are bad. We even nicknamed one of them "Abortion Alley". Let your imagination run while with that one.

    Ankhesen Mié, I can see why you like him.


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