Black Girls' Night Out: Joanna Locasto

Houston...we have a problem.  I don't think this one is gonna make it.

And I'm so disappointed; I'm a huge fan of Meagan Good.  I'll watch her in anything, permitted it's allowed to remain on the air.

And I can tell she's really working her ass off on this role.  She obviously takes this opportunity very seriously, and I actually like how her characterization...sometimes.

However, I'm deeply annoyed that NBC would rip off an ABC-type show (Revenge), stuff it full of CW-type actors, and then think it can achieve Scandal's level of success.

Um...no.  It doesn't work that way.  You need people like Shonda Rhimes at the helm to make shows like this fly.

Along with Good, Laz Alonzo, Victor Garber, and Tate Donovan are being thoroughly wasted here, and it's depressing.

But don't just take my word for it.


  1. "Deception"'s pilot was filmed before "Scandal" premiered. NBC picked it up in May when "Scandal" was still struggling in the ratings.

    In terms of Neilsen ratings, "Deception" looks like it will be cancelled soon due to the poor ratings of the last two episodes.

    1. Yeah, but these network execs and showrunners chat. They know what's up with each other.

      To be fair, Scandal struggled because it came on at the last moment with only 7 episodes, and we didn't really know where it was going. Deception doesn't inspire mystery; it's empty and predictable and disappointing. It's like...to "compensate" for the black lead, they cram in as many useless white characters as possible.

      Furthermore, the dude playing Julian is fugly. Out of all the cute white guys in Hollywood, that's whom they chose to put opposite Meagan Good? Meagan Good???? Was Jensen Ackles unavailable?

    2. Oh no.Hollywood isn't going to give too many Jensen Ackles to gorgeous Black women like Megan (Could you imagine him with her. Oh my....).They'll give her the ugliest White man before they give a hot man like that.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is me exhibiting no surprise, not at all. Damn shame, really.

    Somebody NEEDS to go on record and be real: Black women can write black women. White men/women can't, or not as well. WTF is your point of reference?

    Um...the coonery that is currently displayed on TV? The black girl who lives next door to your bff's cousin and you've never spoken to? Or the myriad of shows/books/other media where the sistah is either the sassy, sexless black friend or a totem.

    Just ain't gonna work. Somebody needs to write a memo or something. Whether people heed it...well, that's another story.

    1. Black women can write black women. White men/women can't, or not as well. WTF is your point of reference?

      Amen. And it's so sad. I love Meagan Good so much.

    2. I see where you are coming from, but until there are more black female writers with power, does that mean that black female characters should not be written? A lot of white writers use that reason as an excuse for not writing characters who are black.

    3. My point is this: write us well - period. The excuse here is not about whether or not to write black characters; the excuse is why black writers, directors, and showrunners aren't being hired in the first place.

      By saying, "A lot of white writers use that reason as an excuse for not writing characters who are black" we're falling into a trap which keeps us from focusing on the core problem: people of color in general keep hitting the silver wall in Hollywood. We're barred out and exiled, and then we're branded ungrateful when some shittily written character is casually tossed at us.

    4. And we need to avoid words like "until." It's 2013 - "until" is decades overdue. We need to put more pressure and voice more criticism at the blatant exclusion of POC from the industry.

      When a shit character is written, we need to not only critique that character mercilessly, but demand to know why more POC weren't hired to write the character in the first place.

    5. Oh, I definitely know that the core problem is how limited Hollywood is for black and other non-white creative persons. My point is that even with the success of Shonda Rhimes over the past 10 years, Hollywood (mainstream) is not giving many opportunities to other women of color.

      I'm not saying that issue should not be addressed - and it has been spoken about numerous times - but IN THE INTERIM, what happens to black female actresses because white writers who have power DO use (in a roundabout way, of course) the excuse to exclude black female characters from mainstream projects or to limit their roles when they are written.

      I don't think that the problem with "Deception" is that Meagan Good's character is black. I think that the scripts would be weak regardless if the character were white because the writing is weak.

    6. Let me clarify my last comment. I don't think that the problem with "Deception" was that Meagan Good's character was written by a white woman. Meagan's character is pretty much the standard bland character that white actresses normally play on this type of show.

      I think that "DECEPTION"'s problem is that the scripts are weak and would be weak regardless of whether the lead character was black.

      Regardless of who writes black female characters, the writing should be strong. That is a must.

      Overall, Hollywood NEEDS to do much better with persons of colour in front of and behind the screen.

    7. I'm not saying that issue should not be addressed - and it has been spoken about numerous times - but IN THE INTERIM, what happens to black female actresses

      And what I'm saying is, we should stop asking about what do "in the interim". This isn't the 1980s. This is the 2000s. We shouldn't really be asking anything, really. We should be demanding an end to the interim.

    8. New rule for 2013: black folks should not be expected to put up with scraps and handouts.

      Agreed about Good, Garber and Donovan being wasted. The biggest problem here is the writing is too weak. Even if Shonda Rhimes wasn't available, another smart talented writer should've knocked this out of the ballpark with a good murder mystery.

      I've been watching and wanting to support the show but the I honestly don't care about most of the characters and the writing is weak as all get out.

    9. I barely got through this episode. I don't think I can make it through the next.

  3. I feel like a person in denial, but I'm about to throw in my surrender flag with Deception. Geez! I,too,was hoping for the best for Meg. I was praying for a miracle and still will,but after reading what Lori said about the ratings ,I'm not too optimistic about the shows longevity.

    I think that with the creators best intentions to have a great series, she tried too hard. As I once mentioned,I was bothered by the fact that stereotypical innuendoes were brought up in the past series like" banging". The word was used a little more often for my taste.. It's like the creator of Deception wanted her viewers to pay close attention to that word giving hints that Joanna was going have sex with one of the guys on the show.I also felt that everything went so fast like the beginning has gotten near the end in two series. In case Deception become extinct, I'm hoping that Megan will find more luck on another show.

    It would have Ben nice if another great Black woman /man could have gotten a hold of Deception.It was a show with a lot of potential to be great. I'm still hoping for another good show is made with her in it.

    1. Deception's premise was flawed to begin with, and I'm not referring to Meagan being a cop or going undercover.

      The dysfunctional rich white family drama is played, and the show needs more POC who aren't random guest stars. Lawd...if only Shonda were given the reigns, this could be a thing of beauty.

  4. This is depressing on so many levels. If only, if only...

    *goes back to scribbling backstory for Nightingales.

  5. Deception has the misfortune of following Scandal, which has kicked the genre up a level. I am nonplussed about Megan Goode's acting abilities but I am a big fan of Victor Garber, Tate Donovan and (especially) Ken Leung. The story line is moving very slow, I think that is part of the problem.

    I am not sure if it's that they need more blacks on the writing staff because I haven't checked to see how diverse the writing staff is yet. The show runner needs to put more excitment and action into the script.

    Example, could a black female play the lead in Revenge and would it need to be written by a black female in order to do it? I don't think so. I wouldn't hem an actress in by saying only blacks should write for her. A good actress can take on anything that is well written. Problem is definitely the writing.

    1. "Example, could a black female play the lead in Revenge and would it need to be written by a black female in order to do it?"

      Actually yes, because at the very least there's minimum chance of a woman of color being the victim of the rampant racefail that we see all the time on white shows with examples like Vanessa from Gossip Girl, Mulan from Once Upon A Time, Tara from True Blood, Bonnie from Vampire Diaries, Ashley from Revenge, etc. and so forth.

    2. Let me put it like this: a white writer can be a brilliant, innovative wordsmith, but if they're a racist and/or in denial about their racism, then when they write characters of color, that fail is going to show. Not only that, it will put a cramp on their talent, because talent only gets you so far. You also have to have desire, enthusiasm, and respect for all your characters. If you don't have that, your characters won't be fleshed out, they won't be balanced, and viewers/readers won't relate to them.


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