Black Girls' Night Out: Joanna Locasto

Deception stars Meagan Good as Joanna Locasto, a cop going undercover to solve the murder of her childhood friend Vivian Bowers.  Joanna goes on the mission accepting the fact that one of Vivian's own relatives may have killed her.

OMG...I so don't care.

If you think about it, this story is being told because of Vivian Bowers.  We have gathered here today to figure out what happened to Vivian Bowers.  Problem is, I don't give a shit about Vivian Bowers or her dysfunctional-as-fuck family.  I'm tired of watching Meagan Good be treated like a recurring guest star on her own damn show.

Moreover, I'm really not digging the bullshit lines handed to Victor Garber and Tate Donovan.  Okay, let me break it down for you: Garber was on successful shows like Alias and Frasier, acting in films opposite the likes of Whoopi Goldberg.  Tate Donovan has had a career spanning three decades, and was on friggin' Damages.  And when he was killed off, that next-level genius show promptly began to suck.

Now...these two great actors are being thoroughly wasted on a show that's going absolutely nowhere. It's a mystery without a mystery (none anyone cares about anyway), a thriller with no thrill, a drama with no drama, a hot fudge sundae with no fudge, and a bunch of sex with no orgasm.  In short, Deception is rapidly becoming pointless as Meagan becomes Taraji Henson 2.0; in other words, a Lure for a show we wouldn't have bothered with if they weren't "starring" in it.

But don't just take my word for it.

And by the by...for folks who are worried about criticizing shows like these because they think Hollywhite will use it as an excuse not make shows with Black female leads anymore, um... 1) They don't need an excuse.  They haven't needed one since Hollywhite's very inception.   2) Scandal.  Scandal works.  And it's working right there for the whole wide world to see that it works, so the excuse of "Black female-led shows just don't work"...doesn't work.  It didn't work back when Living Single had a successful 5-year run in the 1990s; it didn't work back when Girlfriends was the longest running show of the 21st Century...until it fell into the hands of the CW.

Yes...I'm old.  Bow down.

See a contrast?


  1. *sigh*

    But the "OMG...I so don't care" line had me ROTFL

  2. Also, I noticed Vivian went from being Joanna's "childhood" friend whom she hadn't spoken to in over a decade, to her "best friend." Now, every time I hear "best friend" on the show, I think of every other show I've ever watched with the Black best friend and I want to take a drink.

  3. 10..9..8..7..6..and so on. Im trying my best to be positive about Deception,but Im counting the days where the possibility of the demise of the show is about near. Don't want it to but it nothing is improving far as the storyline.

    I was just looking at a tabloid show about the show Homeland. Not only did I learn that there is barely POC writers writing for shows,but from what I learned, only two women writers for programs( They didn't bring up Shondra,but I just added her on).Just goes to show you how many POC's/women contribute to TV programs.

    I'm like you. There are many good White women writers and they like the show Homeland, can come up with a hit show,but when it comes to shows like Scandal, it definitely needs a POC touch. If you're going to attempt to write about a Black female lead, you can't hide the truth. You cannot be oblivious to the fact that JoAnna is Black, that her mom is a made and may have to go to some racially sensitive things to do so. The real world, isn't going to see her as a woman..but a Black woman.

    Sometimes, I think that they want to being up shows like Deception for failure.The truth is the racist viewers and the writers don't want it there and what a good way than to hurt it. They don't want the show to work. If Scandal is working certainly Black female lead characters can work. I also wouldnt be surprised if Scandal's longevity will be shortened,not because it's not a good show,but unless it's a comedy or mammy films, shows that put Black women in a positive, dramatic or realistic light, the viewing audience will not accept.


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