Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

I don't...I can't...I don't even know how to start this.

I mean...damn.  *thunderous applause for Shonda Rhimes*

Shonda, for real, boo-boo.  I'm sorry.  For every snippy comment I ever made about this show back during my dark days, I'm sorry.  I was blind, but now I see.

And what do I see?  Sheer brilliance.

First, Guillermo Diaz continues to compel the audience with his acting ability; the show opens with his gruesome interrogation and Diaz flawlessly convinces us he's going through hell.

Then Wifey forges the Prez's signature, trying to convince the world he's not comatose.  Naturally, her supposedly "thought-out" action unleashes a shitstorm which Olivia has to quell...on borrowed time.  Meanwhile Hollis and Sally shine as the Bible-thumping hypocrites we know and love...and we finally get to see James & Cyrus's baby.

And top it all off, we find out who hired the She-Huck, and you guessed it - she's back.

Man, that was a long month.  More than worth the wait.


  1. Oh yes, I saw the episode today on Hulu! Now my white male friend is addicted to it too.

  2. Being on FB on Thursday nights is hilarious because except for two, all my girlfriends watch Scandal and comment on it.

    I am not mad at my girl Shonda. Not mad at all.


  4. All I'm saying is that the writer's were on FIRE with the lines the actors got.


    "I'm the CIA, FBI, Patriot Act, and this sir is the Pentagon. You are not on American soil, you are a visitor and I allow your ass to be here."

    "Huck wasn't taken by the police, he was taken by the Patriot Act... That's like the Dark Side."

    "Political Kabuki!"

    Me and my sister texting back and forth and LOL.

  5. Dag! I couldn't watch Scandal because I had company,but I'm hoping that next week will be my week. Judging by these posts on here,it must have been mighty good.

    I'm very proud of Shonda.I have to give this sister some credit.She really knows how to put her words into some real action.I can't believe myself when I say that I'm actually looking forward to watching TV again..cautiously though. I haven't consistently watched it since the late eighties because of this. Not trying to get off the subject, but I also watched Deception on Monday to see how that was. I don't know which wat either show will go ,but I happy that both Meagan and Kerry leading the pack on their series.


    Guillermo Diaz has been a discovery for me on this show. I had glimpsed him in a few things previously but not taken notice.

    I love Mellie and am so glad that the writers made her a regular for Season 2. The ending scene was lovely.

    I still don't give a rat's ass about Quinn and think that she's useless. Maybe she will be a shocking death at the end of Season 2?

  7. Mellie...forged...the President's signature.

    *can't breathe*

  8. Lawd....

    I scared my cats (and my neighbors too prolly) with my screaming and jumping up and down at the end of that epic epi OMG!!

    K, I am SO glad you have "seed da light" because I am of the Shonda Rhimes Can Do No Wrong club, and I kept thinking maybe I was overdoing my enthusiasm - hey, I've been wrong before - but DAYUM!! There is no doubt now!

    If 75% of television could be on the level of Scandal, I'd dust off my TV set and call up my cable company STAT. But until then, I'll just hulu my lil heart out and continue to worship at the Altar Of The Divine Ms. Rhimes. mmmmm-HMM!


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