Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!

"Keep hatin'."


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    1. I shall interpret that smile:

      "You beetches hatin' 'cause your man want me and you wanna BE me."

  2. yay! Happy Birthday Michelle!!

    I love how I grew up in a world where we'd already been to the moon. There was no before and after for me. It was just how things WERE.

    I love that for so many little Black girls having such a Flawless FLOTUS and a Black First Family living in the White House - is just how things ARE.
    so yay again!

  3. Happy B-day to one of the greatest first ladies of all time.

  4. Article to make you roll your eyes.

    Uh, black women long stopped caring about what white feminists think. I'm fairly certain Michelle Obama in particular couldn't give two fucks white feminists think about her.

    1. Read first part of article and eyes almost rolled out of my head.

      The Flawless FLOTUS ain't thinking 'bout them hoes. She wants to raise her daughters and how is that ever wrong? And who says she can't resume her career once O leaves the WH? She does what she wants, not what others expect her to do.

      Those white feminists can eat a bag of spicy hot fricaseed dicks.

  5. Happy birthday, Michelle!! At the risk of sounding smug (sorry), mine is the same as hers XD (another capricorn)

    This comment:

    "By all means illuminate the public about the way liberal feminists take a live and let attitude toward stay at home moms."

    Does this ring true for you guys? Some of the time, that is. I mean as for me, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be interested in being a stay-at-home mom, but I've noticed the way some "so-called" feminists will just pick apart those women's/mom's lives and shit on them and work themselves into a rage for no reason. Instead of calling out the moms' behavior (training their kids to be racist/entitled/spoiled, not caring about non-white children, being racist or rude themselves, etc.) they just rabidly attack the idea of a SAHMs in general, as if they can't be positive women. I hope I'm not oversimplifying it...

    And then of course they pretend they just have *no idea* how other womens' history with work vs. stay home is different. All I can think when I read what they say about Michelle is "leave her alone! What the hell is she doing to you?"

    "fricaseed dicks"

    bwahahahaha!!! Those would actually look pretty funny.

    1. Silly me. Here I thought a 21st century woman could choose to be a SAHM or work outside the home. Or both a SAHM building a home-based business. Or any other option I didn't touch on. The idea that a woman in 2013 can only be considered worthy or fulfilled by adhering strictly to one path is ludicrous.

      These 'feminists' are operating from the same premise that the accuse the patriarchy of doing - putting limits on what it means to be a woman. Patriarchy says women MUST stay at home and rear babies and let the men support them all, while the 'feminists' say women MUST pursue their own careers no matter what. Both options leave no room for middle-ground choices, and treat deviations from their established norms as unnatural. Michelle Obama's doing what feels right for HER and HER family, based on HER unique dynamics in HER life. They need to do the same for themselves, and stop expecting every woman in the world to follow their tune.


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