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Baby: This heffa's crazy!
Over the years, there have been a number of white female celebrities who have adopted black babies: Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Mariska Hargitay, Angelina Jolie, Kristin Davis and Madonna are just a few names that come to mind. And something has always struck me ever since I read an article about this little trend by a black male columnist whose name escapes me. Namely that is why is it that these women never have black children the old fashioned way? No they get them express mail order bride, COD delivery style and it’s always from some far off third world African country as if black babies in America have some sort of ‘ghetto cooties’ from birth. Therefore, making them unlovable and unappealing enough to want to raise in the lavish home of these very wealthy women.

Sandra Bullock is the most troubling example. Her dreck movie The Blind Side aside, it’s very shifty and disturbing that her ex cavorted with a sleazy, nasty anti-Semitic stripper who also spelled the words ‘white power’ with her son’s toy blocks and has a ‘white power’ tattoo. Her ex’s first wife just married a white supremacist asshole (or maybe she was already married to one). All while Jesse James himself was seen in a picture imitating Hitler and doing the Nazi salute which has led some to think that Sandy only adopted little Louis to distance herself from all the sicko hatred. Whether this is a publicity stunt or not is beyond me. However, I do find it very questionable about the timing of her adopting a black child. And if this is the case then it makes me think that Sandra probably had some inkling about what type of man she was marrying and just didn’t give a crap. This would pretty much make Ms. Bullock an asshole herself and makes me very sad for that little boy who has to grow up in such a messed up confused environment.

This leads me to another point I have seen a number of marriages with black celebrities both male AND female to white people, something I have never understood considering that you very rarely, if ever, see the reverse. Sure, there is Ted Danson and that lady from “Grey’s Anatomy” but otherwise you won’t see many white celebrities rushing to marry outside their race to the degree that we black folks do. Recently, in a TV interview, Mike Tyson felt some incessant need to rehash the non secret that his ex-wife Robin Givens used to date Hollywood mega-star Brad Pitt. And Ms. Givens has been trying desperately to keep herself relevant by bragging constantly about this tidbit of gossip, apparently oblivious to the fact that their relationship has been over for some time. On top of that he dated her when he was a nobody. I don’t know Brad personally, but I’ll bet my last pennies he probably wouldn’t be caught dead with Robin on his arm now, neither would any of the other white guys she dated before they became famous. I don’t hear Brad or any of them talking endlessly about her so why does she still think it’s some kind of feather in her cap to always yack about a man who has long since dumped her ass? Earth to Robin, you ain’t with him anymore. He’s currently with a woman who is much more on his level. Meaning, she is just as white as he is.

I can vividly recall a young black woman on a talk show saying that every time you see a black man with a white woman she is always some, and I quote, ‘ghetto white girl’. I can only assume means that she is always some broke princess wannabe, but at least she is with him in a certain sense which is more than I can say for those white female celebrities who like to buy their babies wholesale. It’s almost as if having a black child in Holly-white has become an accessory the same way some socialites sluts like Paris Hilton carry around cute little pooches in their fancy purses.

Almost my ass! It IS, like that one time when I was on another website, there was a heated debate when it was reported that Charlize Theron had adopted her daughter. Some people said who cares who adopts that girl Ms. Theron is rich as all get out and that little girl will want for nothing, while others say she is going to have a racial identity crisis being raised by a rich white woman in la la land whose only true motivation was how ‘charitable’ she can look. They might as well be saying, “We will raise you as our own, but we don’t want to share with you our livelihood, neighborhood or plush big beds, especially our beds!” But, the problem with that mindset is that a child is not an accessory like a pretty piece of jewelry or a new sportscar. They are real living, breathing, human beings who need to be cared for and nurtured in a way that has nothing to do with money. So, I truly do hope that there is no ‘white savior’ bs going on with these adoptions and that these people do really plan on caring for those children in a good sensible loving way. Still, I can’t help but feel in the back of my mind that these kids mean no more to these supposed do-gooders than the fancy gowns and expensive high heels that they strut around in on any given awards show.


  1. That whole sequence about Robin Givens had me in tears. I did not know she was still walking around talking about that. What was that, 20 years ago? Girl please.

    I know a white lesbian couple who adopted two black boys out of foster care. One had cerebral palsy and the other was perfectly healthy. The ladies adored those boys and gave them a life I can assure you they would not have had otherwise. The one with CP died, but the other child is thriving, healthy and happy.

    Of course, they aren't celebrities; they're just a couple who wanted to have children. I do believe that for some of those celebs, having a black baby is nothing more than a fad and those babies will suffer as a result. But I wouldn't venture to say that all of them feel that way.

    1. That whole sequence about Robin Givens had me in tears. I did not know she was still walking around talking about that. What was that, 20 years ago? Girl please.

      I know, right? I laughed aloud when I read that.

    2. I did not know Mariska Hargitay adopted a black child. O_O Wow, I've really been out of the loop...well, the non-attention-hooker 'celebrity' loop, anyway. Pretty hard to avoid hearing ANYTHING about that breed, short of living like a hermit.

      I'm going to rally on the position I took when the whole Brangelina hot mess first erupted - "I only want what's best for those babies*. I don't give two damns about the adults, as long as they don't eff those babies up.". I hope, for all the children involved, that their parents have at least enough sense to realize that raising a POC child as a white parent isn't as simple as 'loving it'. And I REALLY hope that it isn't a fad for some like those hand-bag dogs, cuz many of those dogs ended up in the shelter (and the killing room at the back) once the novelty wore off.

      *Back then, it was just Maddox and wee baby Zahara.

    3. @Leo, Mariska got too, and in less than a year too.

      My friend's husband said regarding the white celebrities who seem to be picking up black babies left and right "I got this baby straight cash, no credit..."

      I think Katherine Heigl has one too, and doing a reach back Kate Capshaw and Mia Farrow also got black babies back in the day, before it was super popular. Also Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise (who don't seem to have much use for their adopted kids now that they both managed to have biological kids), and Michelle Pfeiffer.

      Sandra Bullock's baby actually isn't an import though...he's from NOLA.

      While having a home is better than having no home, white people sometimes have a need to push that "color-blind" BS on their non-white kids, so you get black and Asian kids raised by them who have a lot of self-hatred, internalized racism, and have no knowledge of their history. I've had biracial friends who told me that their non-black parent tried to sell them on the idea that they weren't black. One of them told me flat out that as an adult she realizes that it is totally ridiculous(clearly easier to get away with if you can pass, which she cannot) and as far as she is concerned, she is black.

    4. "I've had biracial friends who told me that their non-black parent tried to sell them on the idea that they weren't black."

      *side-eye* Here's an idea, folks - If you don't want your biological offspring to ever consider themselves Black, DON'T PROCREATE WITH BLACK PEOPLE!!

    5. @Leo Princes...it never ceases to boggle my mind how many folks want to sleep with black people, don't actually like black people and then are upset when a black baby pops out of the womb...sometimes it rubs off on the kids, sometimes it doesn't.

      I passed a white lady while out jogging who had two black daughters. I was all set to say hello to her but she gave me stink eye. The girls however looked up smiled, waved, and said hello. Based on where we live, I doubt they get to see many faces that remind them of their own. And considering the look their mom gave me, I doubt they hear anything good at home.

  2. Everytime I see some of these celebrities adopted Black/Biracial children, a part of me wonders are they adopting these kids to love and nurture them or just use them for a humanitarian photo op then throwing their responsibilities to the nanny?

    These days being Black seems cool, but I'm annoyed with it all. I hate that Angelina Jolie adopted those kids, not because I'm against Black/multiracial adoptions, but it just seems that its s Gucci trend among these stars to do it.They have been in our society for ages. Why now? While I don't know what their motives in adopting their kids, I was thinking how people not having high regards for Black people.Nobody wants to be called Black, want their genetics,are more likely to be adopted and with mixed coupled Black/non black couples has the most resistence as people think that Black people will curse their families.

    As as Black woman, I do not appreciate my Blackness being seen as a "fad".Its who I am and descended from.I'm very proud of who I am. I appreciate the struggles that my ancestors and the people of today had to overcome just for me to have some breathing room in living in this world, the contributions the made in this country and the world and to tell me that there is nothing wrong with being Black. I wouldn't want to be anything else but that. If White society thinks that some Blacks to have biracial children to help purify theirs they have another thing coming.Even if my kids were mixed, I would definitely instill their Blackness to the core.Far as Black kids ,I would do the same.

    If the potential adoptive want to adopt Black to love that's fine, but if the child will be only a minority show piece that they will dispose of, I prefer that they didn't. Some of them already may feel rejected not being adopted because of who they are. The last thing they need is for them to pretend to unconditionally love these kids because of the color of their skin.

    1. *Typo * Third paragraph-Intended to say" If White society think that Black people want to have biracial children to purify theirs..."and the last paragraph-Intended to say "If potential adoptive parents want to adopt..." Could be more mistakes on my post that I may have overlooked.Forgive me for them.

  3. A couple of thoughts:

    1) This goes back to Paul Mooney's point, "EVERYBDOY WANTS TO BE A NEGRO BUT NOBODY WANTS TO BE A NEGRO." Think on that for a bit.

    2) The timing of that Sandra Bullock adoption was a little too sheisty for me. And I was giving that shit the side-eye something fierce.

    3) Certain celebrities like George Lucas and Nicole Kidman, I'm gonna have to give the benefit of the doubt to and here's why. George Lucas took a lot of heat making and distributing Red Tails simply because he wanted his black sons to have heroes to look up to. And Kidman caught flack from a black director because she refused to use the N-word and part of the reason was as she stated she didn't think it was right for her being the white mother of a black son. And she caught hell for taking that stand. For me, when you put your money where your mouth is, then I'll be impressed.

    4) I'm gonna cut Robin Givens some slack and here's why. If the only male celebrities she's been known to hooked up with are Murphy Jensen, Mike Tyson and Brad Pitt, yeah I would probably be bragging about Pitt too because sadly he's probably the best choice of the three. Because while I've never found him attractive personally, (K, Amaya, feel free to pick your jaws off the floor now, it is true), he is sorta the Holy Grail for a lot of people. Cause I tell you now, let me and someone like George Clooney hook up, I'll be bragging about that shit till my grave and then some. It would be on my Tombstone: The man who had a one night stand with Clooney. And I just read interestingly enough that in a recent interview, Tyson states that he actually caught Givens in bed with Pitt back in the 80s. How Brad Pitt is still alive is beyond me.

    5) On the one hand, I'm happy that these black poor babies get a shot at opportunities to thrive and be safe, happy and successful because for better or worse, having Angelina Jolie as a mother is not bad for a resume. On the other hand, I can't help but worry at what cost? The kid's sense of identity, culture, or even their soul?

    1. Don't forget the hair...they are going have some jacked up hair until the grow up and find some black friends to teach them (something that happened a lot when I was in college).

      But love the comment and that Paul Mooney quote is perfect.

  4. I honestly don't care who these white celebs adopt just as long as they are taking care of the child. I also hope they teach and encourage their children to learn about their cultures and have a sense of pride in being the race they were born to. Another thing I'd like to add is if you adopt a black child, learn how to do that child's hair, so the child can have pride in their appearance and heritage. Angelina Jolie is a victim of allowing her child's hair to look a fool sometimes, at least from older pics I've seen of the child.

    1. @Niecey-Thank you! Last time I saw Zahara she had braids thank goodness! I really do not have a problem either, but I would like to point out. Just because you are raised in a black (at least American) household does not mean you will learn about your history. Most of what I learned came from my uncle and me learning on my own.

      @Neo-prodigy-I would have to one up you. I would hire the Good Year blimp, a sign behind an airplane and introduce myself to people by saying. Hi! I slept with George Clooney my name is Lor! I would also have t-shirts, mugs, and magnets made! In multi-language translations! EVERYBODY is going to know!


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