We Shouldn't Reward Bad Behaviour

Victoria Azarenka couldn't take the heat, and claimed that she choked. I guess we should rest easy becuase Sloane is better than we expected. Here's an excerpt from another article.

"MELBOURNE, Australia — Victoria Azarenka called a timeout late in her semifinal victory Thursday against Sloane Stephens of the USA.

The timing — just after failing to close out the match despite five match points, and just as Stephens was preparing to serve — caused a stir.

Throughout the nearly 10 minutes Azarenka was off the court, ESPN commentators questioned the move, and the debate heated up on Twitter. Was it gamesmanship?

Azarenka's answer to an on-court question just after the match certainly added to the suspicion.

"Well, I almost did the choke of the year. At 5-3, having so many chances I couldn't close it out," said Azarenka, who won 6-1, 6-4 to advance to the final against Li Na of China. "I just felt a little bit overwhelmed. I realized I'm one step away from the final and nerves got into me for sure."

Or, maybe that can of whup-ass was a little too much for you. Poor Sloane she should be playing Li Na. We shouldn't reward bad behavior by letting Azarenka win this way. Many feel she should be disqualified. What do you think?


  1. Or, maybe that can of whup-ass was a little too much for you.


  2. I agree. But a lot of the top players use it. I think if they should cut the time again. Do like boxing. If you have to be treated for so long then you forfeit the game. Sloane being new did not realize what was going on. I knew right off the bat. She was on a run and Azarenka needed to stop it. She did not know that she could have hit the ball around with the ball kids to stay loose. I've seen players do that. She also could have waited until this girl came back and asked for a bathroom break to rattle her opponent.

  3. And that hooker won the Open. That should have been Sloane's win.


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