Black Girls' Night Out: Joanna Locasto

"I am so over this shit."
Negro, is you serious?  Someone else might have to keep tabs on this bullshit right here.

Words cannot express the level of fail in last night's episode.  The most interesting part was when Laz Alonzo busted out some Spanish, and it was hot.

So the non-mystery continues, and I was right; Haverstock is Mia's father...and I still don't care.  Like, for real; Meagan Good is officially an extra on her own show - forget guest star.  The character Joanna seems to be following in her mother's footsteps as "head of the household."  She's constantly listening to the Bowerses' problems, and last night she went searching for Mia after Her Royal Thin-Lipped Highness threw a tiff, ran away from home, broke into a friend's vacation house, and then - in the most pathetic moment of acting out - shoplifted a bottle of wine.

Seriously, NBC?  The CW called.  It wants its redheaded stepchild back.

And don't get me started on the part with the hugging and sharing and vowing to stay by Mia's side and "be there" for her because Vivian was once upon a time Joanna's best friend.


While nothing surprises me anymore about this show, the ending surprised me: after being kicked out of the Bowerses' house (where her mother was the "head"), Joanna moves in with OMG he's so fugly Julian.

No, seriously though...what's wrong with this picture?  Maybe we should say ,"...with Meagan Good,
 starring as Joanna Locasto in Afterthought."


  1. Is that promotional poster for serious??

    They not even trying to pretend anymore.

    Thanks for taking one for the team (again!), K. I wouldn't blame you if you gave up watching this mess. I thought I might check it out since its on hulu and all, but from your posts I'm glad I didn't.

    I'm looking for a place/email/forum SOMEwhere we as viewers can contact show producers/creators - or somewhere where we can let our voices be heard.

    Is that kind of space even in existence? Would NBC executives even blink if suddenly they got hundreds or thousands of emails complaining about their show(s) in specific detail? For example wouldn't I just LOVE to forward your series of posts on this and other shows you've dissected to Those Who Need To Get Schooled. But how does one do that and to whom to I send stuff to?

    I've read about "fans doing a writing campaign" to try and save their favorite shows from cancellation and whatnot. Ok FINE. But WHERE do they write that shit in at? I'm getting tired of wearing my fingers to the bone blogging and ranting about Hollywood and its racial shenanigans - I'd like to target my efforts where it would do the most good.

    Thoughts? Info? Should I/We even bother trying? Instead focus on supporting web series that do things the right way? I apologize for the rant - I guess I'm just tired of all of this type if shit continuing on in this day and age.
    American society marginalizes, erases and sidelines Black women and considers us "heads of the household" if we are considered at all, so why should our portrayal on television be any different?

    I need a hug.

    1. I'm feeling a lot of what Jojo's feeling about the state of POC in TV shows in general. I want to support POCs (especially Black men and women) having lead roles in prime time shows, but I'm also tired of these crumbs that they call progress. When modest-budget web series do a MUCH better job with POC lead characters than a much more resource-heavy tv network, I'm with Jojo - should we keep trying/being patient with the networks, or throw or support 100% behind the indie series? I mean...is it so hard to find POC or at least POC-respectful writers who CAN craft a POC-lead show that *le gasp* makes the POC the lead, and not the lure?

    2. Not a bad idea. I've seen people go on Change.org and similar petition sites to vent their frustrations about, shows.Another thing that needs to be done ...as been said on here.. is to get more good Black writers on shows like Deception...Not because the woman can't write, she seems not to understand our walk of life.The other thing that needs to be done is to make Meagan the star of the show like viewers thought was going to happen.This is why Scandal has become a successful show. If shows like Deception or Person Of Interest were more considerate and original with their stuff, they too would be successful.. and a bunch of interested minority audience ready to take them seriously.

    3. Is that promotional poster for serious??

      Boo-boo...did you notice how UNfabulous Meagan Looks in that picture? The lighting on her is poor, the makeup is garish, and the color of that dress does nothing for her complexion.

    4. I noticed everything. The central placement of the glowing delicate white woman even if its just her face. The supposed lead/star of the show placed somewhere off to the side, her back turned plus all of that ish you mentioned. Like I said, they aren't even trying to pretend anymore. Flip the script and you'd see holy hell and some lawsuits raised. (and a heavy helping of WWT).

      I don't even know why they even bothered.

      The one good thing that comes out of this is that at least on paper (I checked) Meagan is listed as "the main protagonist in" and "the lead role in" this series. Hopefully that bolsters her resume and keeps her in the mix (and gives her more clout) for getting more and (hopefully better) roles in the future.

  2. Laz Alonzo .....I just think he is sexy!

    Anyways, they may as well take Meagan out of the show because it's not even about her anymore. The only thing my attention is on for the moment is Jukian asking her to move in.Wonder what that will be about?

  3. And where was Ken Leung? I get really annoyed when he's not in an episode.

  4. And this is why I don't even bother with 99.97% of TV.

  5. This show makes me wonder if NBC is trying to get "credit" for having a show staring a African American Woman by promoting it as such but not actually walking the talk.

    1. Very good point. Especially with all the success "Scandal's" been getting.

    2. But doesn't it have to have decent ratings to even be mentioned in the same breath as such? I mean, I know when Scandal's on; my FB feed is rife with commentary on Thursday nights. I can't say the same about Deception. Hell, the only way I know it comes on is when you do a post.


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