Black Girls' Night Out: Joanna Locasto

"Oh my God...is over yet?"
I'm watching last night's episode as I write this because I needed coffee with this and it made no sense drinking strong coffee late in the evening.

Deception continues neither thrill nor mystify.  The acting remains lackluster, as though the cast is already bored and now just shows up on set each day to get a check...which is an attitude I can respect.

So Joanna's moved in with Julian and is playing house with him and Her Thin-Lipped Royal Highness Princess Mia.  She's laughing with them as she cooks them breakfast and then chauffeurs and babysits Mia while Julian goes off to work.

On the one hand, Joanna clearly wants to be a cop and makes an effort to go do cop-like things.  But on the other hand, the writers continue to try to focus on, include, and even introduce more pointless (and notably white) characters, thereby further asserting Meagan Good's role as a Lure.

Like revelation about Mrs. Bowers's ex who's getting paroled - do we even care?  Apparently she and he were some sort of Bonnie & Clyde rednecks in love.  And don't get me started on the white-washed Latina who's trying to get to close to Julian to keep tabs on the pharmaceutical drug none of us care about.  Or Mia and her entitled friends joking about how one of their maids is so creepy, and that "she lost one of her eyes in some kind of revolution".  They then throw a rich, self-indulgent white kids' party worthy of the CW.

...And then there's the random introduction of the Russian mafia - um, desperate much?

Poor Laz Alonzo has the unenviable task of trying to sell the Russians' sudden presence as a wacky new twist no one could've foreseen. Mm-hm.  I think you meant to say "care about," Laz.  This is the tacky non-twist no one could possibly "care about."

At least Joanna finally lets Julian know he's totally fugly that she doesn't feel anything for him and doesn't want a second chance with him...even though she's currently staying in his house.  Even I'm thinking she needs to get her own apartment at this point and just investigate this shit like a regular cop.

Merry Xmas, by the way:


  1. I'm half-tempted to torrent the show just so I can restructure in in fanfic form....but I have enough on my plate.

  2. Man, the people behind Deception are obvious in what direction they want the show and we're left out of the mix. Those family fights are giving me a royal sized headache. I'm just tired of it. That's more fights than I seen in my life.

    1. Man, the people behind Deception are obvious in what direction they want the show and we're left out of the mix.

      Like getting an invite to an evening event, but not the program.

  3. Second pic looks like Meagan just found out the show's getting canceled.

    Fourth pic looks like she's okay with it.

  4. Sad story: this is not a famous blog. When I look for pictures of Olivia Pope, Google doesn't show me any which link back here.

    But when I search for "Joanna Locasto", a shit-ton of images point right back at us.


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