Black Girls' Night Out: Joanna Locasto

"Oh, dis some bullshit...."
***WARNING: Spoilers Ahead***

Thank you, NBC, for giving us yet another reason to (intensely) dislike Mondays.

Sometimes, I get the feeling they know when I'm about to snap.  I say this because last night's episode opened with an appearance by Ken Leung, which made me squeal like a 14-year-old at a K-Pop concert.  I must, however, emphasize the term "appearance", because as just as quickly and as randomly as he appeared, Ken Leung disappeared and was not seen for the rest of the show.

This was another Princess Mia-centric episode, with yet another new non-twist which means nothing to the audience.  Her biological father is dying and needs a bone marrow transplant.  This sends Mia into non-torment as she wonders about whether or not get tested and see if she's a match.


Meanwhile, Edward Bowers (Tate Donovan) outs his father's shady pharmaceutical dealings, plunging the family and its company into financial chaos.  Julian the Fugly's new squeeze appears to have some (most likely irrelevant) connection to the late Vivian Bowers, whom I'm guessing at this point gets name-dropped randomly each episode to remind the audience of why it's being subjected to erratic, anti-climactic writing and emotionless acting.

Robert Bowers (Victor Garber) does exude some bad-assery, but that's the actor, not the weak-ass character he was probably blackmailed into playing.  He makes all of his employees - including Joanna - take a polygraph test.  He then sends Joanna off with half a million in cash to bribe some stoke brokers.  Joanna gets taken at gunpoint by a Russian mobster (again, who has no place on this show), and forced to drive out into the middle of nowhere.  Joanna causes an accident to escape, and then shanks the mobster.

Will (Laz Alonzo) comes to see Joanna in the hospital and is deeply upset by her condition.  He goes to see Robert Bowers and his wife, and with a few carefully chosen phrases, sows a seed of distrust between the two.  Will's really hot in this episode by the way.  There's some Latin hip hop playing and it just goes...so...well.  And when he derisively calls Mrs. Bowers "Mamita", I had to fan myself.

But I digress.  The end of the episode reveals Joanna flunked her polygraph tests (even though she popped a bunch of anti-anxiety pills beforehand).  So Robert Bowers calls her, tells her it's okay if she lost the money in the car wreck, that half a friggin' million dollars money can simply be "replaced", and tells her to come home.  Which she accepts.  Seriously.

The previews of the last 3 eps of the season show that the writers have suddenly remembered this is supposed to be Meagan Good's show.  After being an afterthought all season long, she's suddenly going to return to the spotlight as Robert tries to find out what she's hiding, going even so far as to bring her mother - you remember, the "head of the household"? - to the house.

That's right...we are actually going to see and hear Joanna Locasto's mother in the present-day.

No wonder this show's on the verge of being canceled.

For real though...I am little interested to see how Joanna talks her way out of this. Like...did she think far enough ahead to plan for something like this?


  1. I smell death for this show. But as a commenter said in a previous post, maybe her being the "lead" in this show helps her resume and lands her a real gig.

    This show sounds as interesting as water vapor.

  2. Now they they want to finally bring mommy dearest in the mix.God! there are so many problems with this show until its not funny.

    1. They finally remembered she even existed.

    2. Ms. Good has been added to the new Will Ferrell movie.


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