Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

This was the show I've been waiting for all week.

Ho...ly.  This was some clever writing.  I did not see any of this coming; I was certain Hollis Doyle was guilty, I was positive this cluster was his doing, so at the reveal at the end threw me for a loop.  And you can imagine my denial when I realized I had to wait until next week to find out what's happening.

In the meantime, I continue to adore this characters.  Let's do a roll call, shall we?

Hollis Doyle.  Hollis is hilarious, entertaining, and absolutely devious.  I'm kind of relieved he wasn't the one responsible for the Prez's assassination attempt because I don't want this character shipped off to prison to rot off screen.  He's too much fun.

Cyrus Beene.  Actor Jeff Perry was thoroughly wasted on Grey's Anatomy; I didn't know he had this level of flexible, convincing acting ability, but I should've known...he's a veteran stage actor after all.  Cyrus has officially become one of my favorite characters on the show, if not my favorite.  I'm astounded by both character and actor and will remain in awe for a long time.

Fitz, a.k.a. "The Prez".  Tony Goldwyn has steadily grown into this character; he's developed great chemistry with Kerry Washington and I doff my hat to the man.  It's like you can seem him feeling out the Prez, evolving with him even.  The show better get a third season, because I'm officially intrigued.

Mellie.  Need I say more?  I told y'all she won't just let herself get dumped.  Say what?  She's forged the President's signature.  She induced early labor to get him to refocus on her.  And I wouldn't be shocked if she really was in on his assassination attempt.

Huck.  *sighs*  Guillermo Diaz owns my heart.  All my body and soul sings of Guillermo Diaz.

Quinn...is growing on me.  Hear me out.  Quinn is the newbie; she's not so blindly loyal to Olivia that won't question orders or keep silent when she knows she had some real intel.  I'm interested to see where Shonda Rhimes goes with her character.

And last but not least, Olivia Pope.  Seeing Liv get in touch with her conscience, her vulnerability, and her admission of her inability to fix something really touched me.  I wanted to hug Kerry Washington when she tearfully promised to answer any questions her team had for.

So if it's not Hollis, who do you think it is?  The VP?  Mellie?  Someone I'm missing?


  1. Wow. Just wow.

    Confession: I turned on the TV just before I was about to take my shower and Scandal had just come on. Liv looking at a ring, and then talking to some big country redneck. Scene with Mellie & I guess, Cyrus? and she was talking about the Prez wanting to divorce. Cut to Cyrus talking to the Prez...

    Then I realized I had to take a shower and I wasn't going to get caught up in that mess. I will treat myself to a Scandal marathon AFTER I get my house in order.

  2. wooooo CHILD!!

    I think its a split vote between Miz VP and Mellie. There was that weird limo moment remember? That whole thing never got followed up on so maybe it could indeed be Mellie.

    And we all know the VP was all about You Can Pry The Presidency From My Cold Dead Hands sooo.... I wouldn't put it past her either.

    But also could Hollis have done the Texas Two-Foot and chosen to switch out and use a different account for his presidential demise shenanigans?

    "Someone I'm missing?"
    Yeah I dunno. Trying to think about who else could be in the mix. Maybe I need to go back to seas 1 or 2 on Netflix and rewatch to see if anything pops out at me...

    And yeah I'm STILL reeling about Mellie forging the president's signature. That has to go down in history or win some sort of TV Character Going There award or SOMETHING! OMG lol

    1. That whole thing never got followed up on so maybe it could indeed be Mellie.

      That's what I was thinking!

      That has to go down in history or win some sort of TV Character Going There award or SOMETHING! OMG lol

      She really did that. And then she gave a big speech on how she had everything under control...until the VP just gave a single call.

  3. I'm just waiting for Liv to wake up and smell the coffee that is Harrison sitting right beside her everyday. Just saying...

    1. Or Huck. I'm all about some Liv/Huck too. She's got all these ride or die guys around her and she's still slobbering all over the Prez.

      What I like is how blunt Cyrus is about how a Republican president can't have a black wife.

    2. Now Pepp, you done said something. Columbus Short could come get it right now with his handsome handsome self. Yes ma'am...if Olivia got with Harrison, I'm the first one to serve on that 'ship. Cause I can't get on board Olitz.


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