Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

***WARNING: Spoilers Ahead***

Just FYI: Racialicious has weekly recaps and roundtable discussions about Scandal.  It's some really great stuff, with excellent discourse and observations.

I bring this up because there's a tiny debate going on about morality on Scandal, and keep in mind...the show is called Scandal.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I never deluded myself about the characters on this show.  Three women and a gay man got together to put a straight, white guy in in the Oval Office via election-rigging.  He is the "acceptable" face of their power.  He became President by their will, and if ole Judge Thompson hadn't been so weak on her deathbead, he would've impeached a looooong time ago.

As Agent Sloan from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would say, "These are not nice people."

And I'm fine with that.  I accept a main cast of ruthless, ambitious individuals who pull strings from behind the throne; it's downright Shakespearean.  It's refreshing to watch a show from the villains' point of view.

Last week's episode, however, solidified the Prez as a weak, incompetent, amoral alcoholic.  Remember the New Guy who's stalking Liv?  New Guy was hired by the Prez.  Those pictures of her with Edison?  New Guy got those for him.  Now, by the Prez's order, he's stepped up from pics to video.

Unfortunately for the Prez, New Guy has genuinely fallen for Liv.  When he sees that she's sad, he tries to comfort her.  When she's in her bedroom and starts to take her clothes off, he immediately shuts off the screen, respecting her privacy.  I can now sit back and enjoy his humor and charm without worry, because for the first time in a long time, Scandal has introduced us to a decent human being.

I forgot they even made those.

Of course, the Prez is suspicious.  He sees Liv on the phone, laughing and being happy, realizes she's talking to a man, and gets furious.  He demands to know who - ironically - the new guy is, and New Guy, the spy, lies to his face.  And since New Guy's not the White House mole (I really thought he was), we find out it's the Director of the CIA.  Damn.  *shakes head*  Now that's cold.

At least the the cases have resumed; in the latest ep, Liv and her "gladiators" are working to get a cute young man elected governor in North Carolina.  The wittiness has also resumed; I laughed out loud several times, and oh yeah...did you guys know Liv was on the swimming team in her high school?  Kudos for back-story, Shonda Rhimes!

Cyrus and Mellie go to war over the Prez's soul, and at first Cyrus is having his ass handed to him.  But then Cyrus consults with Olivia who reminds him that when it comes to Fitz, Mellie is Mellie's own worst enemy.

On a darker note, Huck isn't showering.  Apparently, people who survive waterboarding tend to freak out when it rains, and display a strong aversion to showering.  Sad, isn't it?


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  1. Perhaps Shonda (or her minions) read last week's post.

  2. I pretty much spent my time watching the show going "GOOD GUY JAKE!" I hope Shonda was just trolling everyone with the whole President Ghost(Nickname thanks to www.awesomelyluvvie.com)is true love. I like how complicated this is and the fact that we're seeing he's more obsessed than in love. If he was the one to give the Prez pics of Edison wouldn't that mean we can't explain away the craziness of "Prince Charming" with the bullet to the head?

    1. If he was the one to give the Prez pics of Edison wouldn't that mean we can't explain away the craziness of "Prince Charming" with the bullet to the head?

      Pretty much.

  3. I like New Guy. A lot.Huck and that nervous woman that had her named change are good friends. And i really like Columbus Short.

    I don't know how i switched blogs. But i'm glad !


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