My Shero

Pictured: A BAMF
Robin Roberts is returning to work.

Robin Roberts is returning to work.

I repeat:  Robin Roberts is returning to work.

Robin has been out battling a second round of breast cancer and a rare blood disorder, during which she had to have a bone marrow transplant.  While this was going on, her mother passed away.

This is the face of strength, courage, perseverance and fearlessness.

This woman took hits that would decimate most of us and said, "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?"

This woman is a real life Amazon.

This woman is a survivor.

This woman is a warrior.

This incredible and amazing woman will be featured in next week's issue of People magazine.

And just in case you missed it: she is returning to work.

So when you think your life is boring, terrible, shitty, horrible, depressing, lackluster and you don't think you're being shown favor...THINK AGAIN.  Because if she can beat cancer twice and survive a BMT while grieving for her mother...and then get up and go to work...then you ain't got a damn thing to complain about.

This woman is my shero.  God bless you, Robin.


  1. She's definitely my Shero.. anybody who can go through cancer twice over and to overcome them are walking miracles. I missed her on GMA.She looks really good and healthy. I hope that she will never have do battle this disease ever again. Also like many others who have already said, I would tell her "Welcome Back Robin !"


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