Product Review: UrbanFire's Organic Soaps

So last month, I did a promo spot for UrbanFire Products, a Black-owned, online distributor of organic soaps.  This month, I purchased its famous "Death by Chocolate" soap.

The customer service is excellent; my order shipped practically right away, and I got an email confirming when it should arrive.  It arrived right on time, along with two small samples of other soaps.

When I unwrapped the very prettily designed Death by Chocolate soap, it really did look edible and it filled my bathroom with the glorious scent of chocolate (an actual ingredient in the soap, if you recall).

This stuff washes clean, ladies; no sticky residue you have to scrub off and no heavy suds when you lather.  It's light, fresh, and you really do get that squeaky clean feel when you shower.  Personally, I plan to keep buying my soaps from this store.

Now...if UF were to expand into facial cleansers, astringents, and moisturizers, we'd be in business.


  1. Cool. I can get behind this. ALWAYS on the lookout for new soaps. Are the prices reasonable?

    1. Depends on your budget, I guess. It's worth every penny, though.

    2. How big were the bars? Can't gauge it on the website.

    3. They'll fill your palm, but they're not huge.


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