Black Girls Behaving Badly: Jennifer Carroll

From Transgriot:
The karmic wheel may have finally caught up with Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll (R).

She made the problematic comment last year that women who look like her don't engage in 'relationships like that' during the height of a sex scandal in which she was accused of being involved with a female staff member.

She was vehemently criticized for the lesbophobic comments and later apologized.

Now the word is out that she resigned Tuesday as Florida's Lt. Governor after being interviewed by Florida law enforcement officials as part of a widening gambling and racketeering scandal into Allied Veterans, a firm that she'd once done public relations work for and starred in a 2010 commercial for.

Several top officials of Allied Veterans have been arrested and charged with racketeering.

Sad that she's the one who made history as the first African-American to be elected statewide.

Stay tuned, this is probably going to get quite interesting. But in the meantime, goodbye and good riddance Jennifer Carroll. You are another sterling example of why Black voters don't like conservatives and have the good sense NOT to vote for them.
Anyone else suddenly reminded of Mia Love?


  1. God! Don't you just hate it when thesey people preach about family values and morals ,then think its just ok for them to violate the laws of the land? Anyways....you reap what you sow and she is sowing her royal oats. Oh well...

  2. Replies
    1. Well, she confirmed that when she said that she was too cute to date other women...

    2. Oh god.. the woman was quite full of herself wasn't she? I guess she don't know how many beautiful lesbians that will make her look sick.


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