Black Girls' Night Out: Joanna Locasto

How...did I ever get talked
into this mess?
*rubs temples*

Say it with me ladies...Ewwwwwwww.

Last night's episode opened with Julian and Joanna still in bed.  The sight of them together made my stomach turn.  Mrs. Locasto sees Julian leaving Joanna's room, and mother and daughter have a very weak conversation about it.  Granted, Mama Locasto fires off a few good lines about the Bowers family, but she doesn't tear into her daughter the way we'd like.

Um, Black women...when was the last time your mother just let it slide when you were involved with a ball of shit?

Luckily, the scene quickly changes as the hunt for Julian ex-new-squeeze begins and other unsurprising non-drama.  And then came the part I'd actually been looking for: Joanna coming clean to Will who fires her for all the reasons I already listed last week.

There's a lot going on in this ep which I don't have the interest to recap so...here goes:


  1. I feel ya on the lack of interest. I've begun to watch other shows because the problems with the show.

  2. Let me tell you how great my lack of interest is in Deception: This is where I come to catch up on it.

    1. I'm just sticking with it to see it through. After the last episode, I don't care if it's renewed (highly unlikely). It's going to go the way of POI.

    2. All I gotta say is that she should have been fired.

      No one cares about this show.


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