Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

It's about...damn...time.

Someone explain something to me; how come Scandal keeps going on these unnecessary hiatuses while Deception was on every Monday night without fail?  *blink*

Anyways...she's baaaaaack!  And looking fabulous as ever!

Liv & Co. take on another case, however, there are still strong ties to the White House, which you know I'm over.  I'm not saying I want the White House cast to disappear; I'm just saying they have enough of their own drama that they don't need to be linked back to Liv's drama.  Just a thought.

At the beginning of the case, Liv, Harrison, and Abby the Red walk into the client's home.  The clients immediately rush toward Abby, gushing, "You must be Olivia Pope."

Liv pipes up promptly and corrects them.  "I'm Olivia Pope."

And the awkward moment which follows?  Golden!!!

I'm digging New Guy, y'all; he and Liv have pretty decent chemistry, especially since the Prez continues to steadily drink himself into oblivion.  I like the way they chat, I like the way they smile at each other, and I dig the fact that if the Prez were to ever find out, all hell would break loose.

Another entertaining subplot is how Huck and Quinn are growing "closer."  Quinn is getting a first rate education in becoming a killer spy...without the "killer" (for now anyway).  I'm digging Quinn's thickness, by the way.  She's looking good with meat on her.

I'm not digging the Mammying I'm seeing, however; I've noticed that Liv is often babysitting a lot of rich, troubled white people, healing their marriages, reconciling them with their kids, and other bullshit.  Boo.  Find a new theme, Shonda Rhimes!  Or at least add more diversity to the families, because this is Washington DC.  This is not a New Kids on the Block video; there ain't no shortage of color in DC.  Come on now.


  1. Chile, they don't call it Chocolate City for nothing...

  2. *pause*

    The client's immediately rush toward Abby, gushing, "You must be Olivia Pope."

    Liv pipes up promptly and corrects them. "I'm Olivia Pope."

    *a la Nelson* HA HA!

    And 'Ugh!' on the Mammying. Unless Ms. Rhimes is setting that up with a twist on the end, I really don't like it. How about some White women characters letting a Black woman break down and cry on their shoulder for once? Yea, I know...that'd be the day.

  3. My biggest complaint is that the audience has yet to see any of Olivia's family members or friends outside of work and learn much about her past. Why has the audience seen much more of Fitz's, Cyrus', etc. personal (family) sides and not Olivia's?

    For a show about Olivia, all I have seen about her is her romantic life (Fitz, Edison, Jake) and nothing about what caused her to become a fixer and what continues to motivate her. It's almost the end of Season 2 and...nothing.

  4. Yeah..I didn't want to see any resemblence of mammying with Olivia .I just want her to be a top notch woman.

    I would also be pissed at what the Prez did.Just when Olivia thought that she would have him all to herself, he tells her to get lost.That would burn me up! I also agree. She left a fiance for him.How humiliating is that? If you're talking about the captain,I will agree. He seems like the kind of guy that I would be comfortable with and go to a trendy nightspot with ,but he's spying Olivia (dag!).He also got beat.I want to see how all of this will turn out.

    I thought that Washington DC was mostly Black, too.No matter how Black the city is for some strange and magical reason,they will make it seem that it is White?

  5. One MIGHT could say that Chocolate City turns to Vanilla Town the higher up the ladder of power you go - with the exception of the "anomaly" that is the Obama Family.

    Along that vein since a large chunk of the show deals with/dealt with the Republican party/president - one MIGHT could say the dearth of POCs is understandable.

    One MIGHT could say Shonda is leaving all the scandalous shenanigans that need to Fixed by Olivia and Crew to those cray white folks.

    One MIGHT could be sad to see the upper echelons of Shonda's Washington society looking like (the rehashed from the BBC) House of Cards casting - not a Black person in SIGHT up in that show - with the exception of Mr. 4400 (no disrespect, that is how I'll always picture the beautiful Mahershalalhashbaz Ali).

    But on the real, the Huck/Quinn thing is MAGIC. I'm loving it. Now we just need to get Harrison a nice meaty storyline to sink his teeth into, come ON already! And the whole mammy thing? Yeah I'm not feeling it either. I've been trying to force myself to stand back and let things play themselves out - estupid haituses notwithstanding - but its tough road, and I fear for my blood pressure.

    Judging from commentary elsewhere, I see I'm (we?) in the minority with liking the separation between Olivia and her Gladiators and all that madness at the White House. This show really needs to stay focused on a strong Black woman handling her stuff with her ride or die people; with minimal interaction with what's happening on the hill. She can save the president's ass from afar if she wants to and work her client list as she sees fit. So in terms of THAT - this episode was a win for me.

    1. I'm digging your thoughts. We have similar suspicions.

      I guess I just want to see more POC - and we do in the regular world, i.e., reporters, etc. often tend to be POC on this show. Ironically, they're usually reporting on the dysfunction of cray rich white folks.

      So maybe Shonda's onto something here.


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