Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Dang, Rhonda!

I don't know how she does it.  I do NOT know how she does it.

Last night's episode literally had me on the edge of my seat, jaw on the floor, eyes all big like saucers.  The writer of this episode - Raamla Mohamed? - she is my all-new favorite.  She needs to be award a thundering raise, and she should be allowed to write every episode.

Hollis Doyle returned in form last night; I laughed at almost everything he said and was rooting for him the whole time.  When he gets a video of his daughter who's crying about being kidnapped, he's cynical, and rightfully so.

Hollis's presence allowed Harrison to fire off a great question, "Why is the Devil our client?"

Captain Jake Ballard, a.k.a. the New Guy, is revealed to be possibly shady.  I say possibly because I really don't know at this point.  I could say he's the devil today and find out he's a saint next week - I really don't know.  But we've just found out that Osborne was not the mole, that his suicide was staged, and Jake the New Guy was behind it all.

Dang.  That's cold.  Especially when you take into account how charming he is and how some of us were soooooo grateful to see Liv with him instead of the Prez.

Speaking of the Prez, Wifey is also back in form.  I'll be honest; a part of me roots for her as well.  She had kids she didn't want, left a job she was really good at, and has been relegated to the role of housewife, pushing her own political ambitions aside.  And after being spat on for weeks by the Prez, she finally let him have it last night, and it was great.

Huck and Quinn.  Y'all, I don't believe Shonda originally had a plan for Quinn beyond the trial, but the Huck/Quinn dynamic is a gold mine.  I like how she's accepted all his quirks and doesn't doubt when he does stuff like sit and closely examine a human ear (while everybody is backing off and threatening to puke).  I like how she accepts that he stalks families, and tries to find him a new one to replace the one that got slaughtered.  And I love how Huck finds Quinn a family of her very own to stalk, because it's so endearing that you forget how twisted their little habit really is.

As I eagerly anticipate next week's ep (damn...I haven't felt like this since the old shows were on TV...Star Trek, Buffy, etc.), I have to be honest.  I don't care who the mole because that particularly plotline doesn't really interest me.  I just want to know what's up with the New Guy.

And I want to see more of Hollis Doyle.


  1. I'll watch Scandal when it's completely in the can and on Netflix.


    Probably not.

    Who knows? I'm bipolar and I go through this all the time.

    1. You really are missing out. You'd be the type to cuss out the TV.

    2. As I no longer have cable, I find that I do not miss TV at all. I just HATE that she was the Prez's jump-off (regardless of whether he's still hitting it; according to Lori Smith, Shonda said Olitz is ride or die). That killed it for me. I just can't get past it.

    3. Amaya, you're not alone. I'd be flipping channels just to avoid Olitz, and that would be a waste of time. It'd be like watching a friend insisting on staying with a dead-beat-ass of a partner - after a while, you get fed the hell up.

      So praised to ankh for her weekly summaries. They save me a lot of eyerolls.

  2. Oh my..

    "Wow..!" is how I would have described this Scandal. I mean, the episode was very provocative. They really went there. I would like to congratulate for her entry.

    I didn't know that Raamla wrote this episode. This girl is awesome and if she can continue to write good stuff like this, she is well on her way to a prosperous. I mean, she wrote like she's been writing for years.
    It would be nice if she was hired to write for other shows. Person of Interest and moreso, Deception sure could use some help with their programs


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