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I’ve been writing fanfiction for at least a smooth two decades.  It was always a very natural thing to do, as a lot of books, movies and TV shows didn’t do what I needed or expected them to do and I felt the need to correct the oversights.  The main thing was the scarcity of WoC.  So I did what came natural: I created an OC (original character) to supplement what I felt the original story/movie/TV show lacked.  I didn’t do this with every fanfic I wrote; only with the ones I felt required it.

When the Internet became a thing and I learned that I was not the only one writing fanfiction, I nearly shit bricks because…well, just because.  Anyhoo, there wasn’t anywhere I could post my particular fanfiction because I always paired my white male protagonist with sistahs, and the assholes who maintained the fanfic communities I was in had issues with that.  The pairing wasn’t “authentic,” or “canon,” or any of that restrictive bullshit.  So I created a simple website to post some of those fics, and some innanet gangster told me that one particular story was shit; that said character (Riddick from Pitch Black) would NEVER be with my OC and I should never write anything ever again.

*snorts* Take a moment, let that marinate.

Anyhoo, there was NO SAFE SPACE for a fanfic-loving sistah like myself to post my sistah-OC fanfics.  It never stopped me from doing my thing, because writing is breathing, and I will never suffocate myself.  When I returned to fanfiction in December of 2009, I was deep in the ST fandom and I didn’t have to create a sistah OC; she already existed.  Nyota Uhura, in case you were wondering.  I won’t belabor the point of how I went from ff.net and LJ to having blogs solely dedicated to my stories.

I say all this because today, Leo Princess made mention of the existence of a website just for sistahs who write IR fanfiction and original fiction with WoC protagonists.  The site in question is called The Chamber, and it is a community with 3100 members and about 1400 stories.  I’m so happy about this.  There are few places on the Internet where sistahs have a safe place to do what we do.  I’m quite sure that the moderators and administrators have had to deal with white women sneaking in and throwing shade (just because they don’t know how to leave us alone), and I hope they promptly told those interlopers to suck an ocean liner’s worth of disease-ridden dicks and clits and get the entire fuck off their site.

I have no plans to join The Chamber.  Takeshi and Kameko & Max and Bane would be right at home over there, but I’m quite satisfied with where they are now.  But I encourage my fanfic-writing sistahs who are looking for a place to share their work to visit The Chamber and get your life.  I wish I could have had access to such a community back in the antediluvian days when I wrote my fics longhanded or on word processors that required the use of a floppy disc.  But hey, better late than never.


  1. Hold up...you wrote a Riddick fic?

  2. Replies
    1. Please please PLEASE tell me you have it on your blog somewhere! Lawd, I love Riddick....

    2. Girl, that story is buried deep in the recesses of my hard drive. I'm not going to post it. It's about 14 years old and would have to be completely re-written.

    3. We are bonded as play cousins for life for you loving Riddick. I loove me some Riddick too. There was some good stories out back in the day, it would be nice to read yours but I understand about finding a digging it up after all these years.

      I liked Chronicles but Pitch Black is still my favorite.

      I have read some stories on the chamber, but I'm at that point where I'm picky.

    4. @Meanie - Yea, me too. Which is why I'm hoping this signal boost will enrich the gene pool. Some of my favourite writers aren't posting anymore, so finding something that speaks to me is like finding water in a desert.


      Y'all gonna make me find that damn thing and dust it off. I didn't know we had some Riddick fans in the house. I adore that man. Chronicles was okay, but Pitch Black is my shit.

    6. Chronicles left me cold, but I will watch Pitch Black to this day. =D

    7. Well I know this is a thread about the Chamber, but I thought I drop Riddick teaser trailer. The movie comes out September 6,2013.



    *sniff* I thought I meant more to you.

    1. Yikes! There's more of us than I thought.


      I guess I don't have a choice about the matter now. Give me a little time and I'll make an announcement when the fic goes up. Ankh promised me some screen caps.

      Damn thing was 100 pages...

    2. Looking forward to it! Thanks, Amaya! We love you!

    3. Yaaaay! Thanks Amaya.

    4. Just let me know when you want those screen caps. And don't even think of backing out of this.

      I have no plans to join The Chamber.

      Why the hell not???? The traffic to your blogs would sky rocket.

    5. Girl, I am over posting my stories to fanfic communities. I have absolute freedom now and don't have to contend with rules and all that foolishness. I'm good. People manage to find their way to my story blogs.

  4. Ahh another lover of RIDDICK!!!

    Love love love Pitch Black and finally they are making another Riddick movie, ahh can't wait!!!


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