There's not enough LOLOLOLOLOL in the world

(h/t BrothaWolf)


  1. LOL. "Frost bite kills too."

  2. Oh no he didn't... lol!

  3. Omg. I can't. I....*six feet under*

  4. Title did this video justice.... I haven't laughed this much all day. Nothing but tears streaming down my face, lol. I don't know why but, the little radiator bouncing over the words slayed me even more.

  5. WHY in the WORLD did I watch this while eating? I'm about to damn choke!

    "Norway taught us what to do/Now it's payback time!"

    King Jesus just came down and carried my black ass off to heaven, cause I died right here.

  6. There are actually people that are upset here's one comment:

    "these are facts. if you cities that have the coldest winters, i doubt any major norweigian city would make it in the top 100. for example cities like new york, beijing, tokyo, berlin etc. all get colder a city like bergen. its false stereotyping. saying african is poor is not false. its a reality."

    LOL ... why so serious.


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