Tia Norfleet's Facebook Statements

From Tia Norfleet's Facebook page:
Despite what you have read, I am the first black female licensed nascar driver. It does not matter what series of nascar I debuted in, it does not matter how i did in my first race. What does matter is that as the first black woman to get here. I am not going to allow a biased, smear campaign to stop me. I have been dealing with this type of obstruction since I recieved my first licensed back in 2010.

This journey has been really tough for me. I usually don't say anything about the difficulties and the road blocks that I face from people around this sport, but I guess you can already tell from this smear campaign what I deal with on a daily basis behind the scene.

For anyone that holds a state issued drivers license, you know that they just dont hand them out. One has to take a test, pass it and last but certainly not lease, pay for it. Thats the case in this sport. You have to pay for.
... So, to suggest that I'm a fraud because I paid for my license is unfair and obviously a tactic to try and confuse the public. Every driver pays for a license both race car drivers and general public drivers. How much does a cdl cost these days?

I'm here to stay. Thank you all for all of your support. It means a lot to me.

~ * ~
"I have done a lot of things in my life, some of which I am not proud of which is why I have made it my top priority to reach out to the youth to speak to them about the harsh realities of life and the peer pressures that will surround them. Letting them know that I understand where they are and that they can do more, be better and achieve greatness. There will always be people that will try their best to tear you down. Life is hard enough even without obstructionist in your way. I have been giving a wonderful platform and on this platform I intend to do what I set out to do and that is to continue to drive my way to the top of the motorsports world and serve as an example that no matter what obstacles are in your way, you can be better than your past and you can achieve your dreams. “It’s not where you come from, its where you are going”"
~ * ~
I never lied about anything in my career!!! I never said I was a nationwide driver! I said I had dreams of becoming a nationwide driver and ultimately racing in the daytona 500 one day....People say I don't have a license but in the same sentence say I raced and did a start and park in VA! How can you start and park in a sanctioned nascar race without a license??? I know the truth and Im not bothered by this smear campaign at all!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Only God knows what I've been through and I know he has my back 1000%! "Touch not my annointed" Ps. this reminds me of that state farm commerial....
She also included pictures of her various licenses:

Right now, I'm too discombulated by this whole mess to make a coherent, rational statement. So I'll just say that what The Voice of Reason said in a prior post?  *nods*  Yup.  Spot on.


  1. I like her style. I hope she gets through this and makes a ridiculous amount of money.

  2. Great post! I didn't see the third statement. I'm glad she cleared things up but Tia needs a PR firm asap.

  3. Good for Tia. I'm glad that she didn't let them continue to smear her like that.


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