To Make It Plain This Was A Slander Campaign

Sorry I'm so late with this but I've been busy. I had job interviews to worry about. Now, I'd like to say that if you haven't seen this article by the NY Times please read it now.

When I saw the article I was pretty surprised that these people put so much energy in Tia Norfleet. I had no idea NASCAR cared so much about a racer in their lower tier. I have been trying to keep track of Tia Norfleet's career and I admit I haven't been able to find much about about her. Her schedule is always empty, and there is no media on her site with her racing on it. However does that make her a fraud? Who knows? All I do know is that NASCAR made it pretty clear that they do not want her there. I was in shock of all the people I've seen posting on Tia's Facebook. I had no idea people were paying that much attention to her.

Racing is an expensive sport I do understand why Tia went the route that she did. She needs to be able to attract sponsors like so many athletes. Now there is alot of mis-information spreading around because alot of people are posting articles, and not fact checking like they should. NASCAR, and the NY Times totally took advantage of everyone's ignorance. Neither party acted responsibly. A half-truth is a whole lie on both ends.

Now here's a bunch of statements and comments I heard around the interwebs about the Norfleet situation.

"Norfleet is a liar. She is not the FIRST African American to race in NASCAR."

Norfleet never said she was the first African American. She said she was the first African American female to race in NASCAR. So her statement remains true.

"Norfleet isn't a real NASCAR driver."

Then who is? NASCAR never clarified the requirements to becoming a real NASCAR racer. They could have told the public that and made a comparison on how Tia fell short. Instead they chose to keep everyone in that dark about that. As far as I'm concerned Tia Norfleet's father posted a pic of her licenses, and so did she. So she is a real NASCAR driver. If NASCAR don't like it that's their problem.

"Her 37 wins and 52 starts are false."

Maybe so. Tia has raced in non sanctioned races. That much I do know. I'm not clear on whether she said these credentials were in NASCAR races. No one has quoted her on that yet. Actually no one has quoted her or sourced her on anything as of yet. You'd think they'd have proof since most of this stuff should be on the internet. It was dishonest for Tia not to clarify where she had those starts and wins.

"Norfleet's licenses aren't real."

I seriously doubt it. Her father is a NASCAR driver. You'd think they'd know where to get a real NASCAR license.

"Anyone can get a NASCAR license."

If that was the case then NASCAR is selling pipe-dreams on a piece of plastic, and acting like they have nothing to do with it. This is bad for business. I'm sure if we followed the money it would end up at NASCAR. I find it very hard to believe that NASCAR would allow people to sell licenses with their names on it and say nothing about prosecuting those people to the fullest extent of the law. That's ludicrous! you can't sell licenses to drivers and not claim them then what is the point of buying one?

"The Norfleets are playing the "race card"

Your mother.

"Tia has a criminal record"

So!? What does that have to do with the price of rice in Haiti? Putting up her mugshot was immature on the part of the NY Times. They made it very obvious that they were smearing her when I saw that. I also heard news that Tia has an important meet up the coast from where I live in Daytona Beach. This article came out conveniently in time for that.

Many people don't know that there are multiple tiers of NASCAR racing. Racing on a lower tier does not make you any less a NASCAR driver than racing on a higher tier. NASCAR said nothing about trying to contact Norfleet and talking this out with her. You'd think there would be some sort of procedure for dealing with these things. These people simply don't like Norfleet's profile and how she just floating to the top of the racing world due to her race and sex. If NASCAR was more inclusive then Norfleet wouldn't be such a big deal. Don't get mad becuase people are paying attention to her.


  1. I admit to not watching NASCAR related races,but I've been following Tia for a year. I just knew this was coming. It never fails. If a Black person does something phenomenonal, White society will do their best to bring them down.If you have a criminal record, they REALLY will use it against them. Just lasta couple of weeks ago, Danica Patrick was being celebrated. It has been said that she can be a moody, stoic woman, but people will brush it off. Tia? You'll never stop hearing it.Don't get me wrong, I celebrated her accomplishments as well, but stuff like this always will remind me White folks can get away with things that POCs can't. I'm quite sure that some of those racers have criminal record (Jeff Gordon got into it with a fellow racer not long ago).I wonder how many not those same reporters will hound on that. Occasionally, they call him "tempermental",but thats its it.

    I hope that Tina keep it up.That would probably be the day I will fully watch NASCAR.

    1. The media is celebrating Danica. Everyone else hates her. Not saying that she doesn't get away with stuff that Tia could not. She gets a lot of flack (she has been accused of sleeping her way into NASCAR for one) from fans. There are quite a few women who are racing, but you NEVER hear of them. All the focus is on Danica.

      The incident with Jeff Gordon happened with the next to last race of last season (between him and Clint Bowyer). And yes they are still talking about it. Also it was not a criminal record btw. There ARE quite a few drivers who have been banned from NASCAR for drug use.

  2. I have to be honest I had never heard of Tia until an article about her a few years ago and I watch racing. Granted she raced in the lowest level (regional series) of NASCAR. These are mostly local tracks which are not covered on tv. It is kind of like minor league baseball. I do not think she deserves all the shade being thrown her way. No people do not like it that she is female/black. Not surprised about her past being brought up. That is slander a POC 101. I have to disagree about floating to the top of the racing world. She has a long way to go. Darrell Wallace Jr is (yes I know this blog is for the promotion of women, but he is black) a lot closer. And yes he is getting the hate also.


    From what I read (and understand) on her website her wins are from drag racing. Different type of racing from oval racing.

    NASCAR is attempting to be more inclusive (Drive for Diversity-not really successful), but I do not think it will work because some POC do not like the sport. I think those who like/dislike the sport will regardless of who is driving. Yes, you will have those who support POC, but if they do not get into it as a sport it will not last. Look at all the people who followed golf because of Tiger. After a while it drifted off because they could not get into golf as a sport.

    Below is a site for a racing team featuring POC:


    1. The reason why I said she is floating to the top is becuase of her visibility. NASCAR is really helping her career out.

    2. Even bad publicity is good. That has and always will be true. Look at Kim K. People talk crap (and keep her in the news) and she is rolling to the bank in a Bentley.

    3. Lesa,

      Sad but true. She's such a hot mess.

  3. Wow...Looking over the mouth breathers who are self-professed fans of watching fast and shiny things go round and round a track, one wouldn’t think that they would be so picky about who is a part of their organization (NASCAR). High standards I guess.....Looking at NASCAR fans I would not have thought a license was needed but just the lack of the 6th finger or toe that years of inbreeding caused....

    1. My sixth finger/toe and mom-sister/dad-brother appreciate the shout out. Do not judge the entire group from a small segment. Every sport has its village idiots.

  4. Look I'm not taking Tia's side completely. She needs to get her stuff together. It's sad then when you are a black athlete you have to be real anal about what you say, and do. At the end of the day Tia said that she was an aspiring professional NASCAR racer. Alot of people on the internet are getting it wrong becuase of these articles.

  5. I think when the collective goes into All Kill mode we as people of color should and must defend one of our own's right to exist. Even if aspects of this person/artist are desireable no agency or newspaper or media outlet has wholesal rights on Legitamizing a Black persons right to exist!


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