Black Girls' Night Out: The Cast of "Dysfunctional Friends" (2012)

The Lil Sis once asked what happened to Black movies. We'd thought they'd ended with The Best Man. And I've been wondering how all these fine Black actors stay employed.

That all being said, thank God for Netflix because it gives me everything TV and the movie theater are not. I've noticed a lot of Black movies are available to stream (and screen cap) on Netflix which aren't getting any advertisement whatsoever (outside of BET, I hear) and it's frustrating as hell.

Dysfunctional Friends (2012) is about a group estranged friends who are challenged by a deceased college friend to stay in his home for 5 days.  If anyone leaves, no one inherits.  By the end of the 5 days, they all inherit and they hear a beautiful recorded message from their late friend.

This movie will not change your life with its plot or even its decent soundtrack.  It was clearly filmed on a tight budget, but after the YouTube webshow trend, you could care less.  The fact that a bunch of good-looking, eloquent Black people are starring in it is more than enough reignite your passion for media.

The overall cast had me grinning but the actresses in particular filled me with joy.  I'ved wanted to see them work, and now I know where I can.  Expect more posts like these in the future, and feel free to submit suggestions.

Oh, yeah...Stacy Dash is back  
Vanessa Simmons, it's a pleasure to meet you
Reagan Preston-Gomez, I am soooo glad to make your
Persia White, one of my great loves
Meagan Good, fabulous as usual
And y'all...Datari Turner needs to call me.

Essence Atkins and Tatyana Ali also have cameos.


  1. Lol I would have mentioned this movie. This movie goodness was everything. The humor made it easily one of my favs. There is a movie called Black on Netflix, it was originally French but was dubbed in English. Def a good movie.

    1. I'll check into!

      The humor in this flick was on point, so I gave it four stars.

  2. I didn't even know about this! Looking forward to more posts like these! Thanks for the recommendation!


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