Black Girls’ Night Out: Michonne, a Summary

As you know, Michonne was my chosen assignment for BGNO.  However, due to the utter fail of her characterization and lack of screen time, there was no point in providing weekly summaries of her Atlantan adventures.  Season 3 ended a few weeks ago and I’ve been pretty busy; hence the reason this is so late.

Since my last BGNO post, Michonne had to prove her loyalty to TeamPrison by helping Rick and Carl retrieve supplies.  She does this by helping Carl retrieve an object from a restaurant swarming with zombies, and does it with classic Michonne style.   Afterwards, Carl tells Rick that he believes Michonne is “one of them.”

Way to go, Captain Obvious.  *snorts*

During the pre-war pow-wow, the Guvna tells Rick that he won’t attack the prison if he hands over Michonne.  The Guvna wants to torture Michonne for murdering his dead daughter.  We see him putting his torture chamber together and it’s not pretty.  Rick actually considers giving Michonne up for the good of his group, but he knows he can’t trust the Guvna.  However, Merle decides to knock Michonne unconscious to hand her over and “end” this thing.  But midway into the trip to Woodbury, Merle has a change of heart and lets Michonne go.

For whatever random reason, the writers decided to toy with us by showing a brief flashback of Andrea and Michonne when they were on the road, surviving the winter.  Andrea asked about Michonne’s pet zombies, and she tossed out a cryptic comment, “They were never human to begin with.” 

That’s it.  No other explanation, backstory or anything else.  Like, what was the point?  I’ve heard countless times that we’re going to get Michonne’s backstory, but it’s more likely that snowmen will do the foxtrot in hell.

Anyway, so Michonne sets traps to slow down TeamWoodbury in their attempts to slaughter TeamPrison, which backfired immensely.  They return to Woodbury and find Andrea bleeding from a zombie bite.  Michonne cries when Andrea insists on killing herself in order to keep from turning.  Daryl and Rick can’t handle Andrea’s suicide, but Michonne stays with her to the end.  Why, I don’t know, especially since Andrea chose a hard psychopathic dick over her, the woman who saved her life and kept her alive during the winter.  Had the writers decided to show flashbacks of Michonne and Andrea roughing it and kicking zombie ass during that time, this final scene between the two might have carried more weight.  As it stands, I was rolling my eyes and impatient because Andrea was taking too long to die.

And that’s the end of The Walking Dead, Season 3. 

Oh, btw, Tyreese’s sister, Sasha, also survived to the end.  This was completely unexpected, as I figured she wouldn’t make it past the mid-season break.  But I hold out no hope for Sasha to survive Season 4.  There’s only room for one sistah, and Michonne has that covered.  There’s a two-speaking-Negro maximum on the show.

Sasha, the future doesn't look good for you, girl.


  1. I stopped watching it when the show came back from its break because it was just pissing me off and not worth my time anymore.

  2. Ditto......I should have stayed with my intended boycott when in season one the Black woman choose to die and everybody is cool....but the white chick chooses death and the world has to stop.....Also should have seen red flags when the only Latino family drove off to oblivion (or Bama).....ugh....
    I think they are obligated to keep a few black faces as they are outside Atlanta so they would have to explain no Black peoples......

  3. I maintain I will not be watching the show.

  4. You're not missing much, especially if you're a zombie fan...which you're not. I'm still going to watch the show, as I'm part of a DeadHeads TV Group. So if anything changes, I'll definitely report. But, as expected, the writers failed with a capital FAIL.

  5. You're better off playing the game with Lee and his crew. Pretty much all survivors are POC including Clementine who is black, though the artists decided to make her a lot paler than her concept art suggests. But seriously this season pissed me the fuck off. Like they turned Michonne into a fucking slave woman.

    1. I had a fun time playing the game and was crying my eyes out at the end. I think they may do a whole new game with Clemmie.


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