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Scandal Recap 2.19: “Seven Fifty-Two”

Seriously though, Shonda...no more hiatuses.  For Season 3, I'm gonna need ABC to place a moratorium on hiatuses for Scandal.

That being said...this was a Huck-centric episode, y'all!  We even get to see when Liv first met Huck.  We also get flashbacks of his life before meeting Liv, back when he was a full-on killer-spy.  Turns out he has a kid and was married...to a woman portrayed by Jasika Nicole*.

Oh, Shonda, Shonda...sometimes you spoil us.

But before we get to that, I must say how refreshing it was to see Liv stick up for herself when the Prez started that "I'm sorry, I was wrong" bullshit.  In abusive relationships, it's the prelude to the honeymoon period where the perp is on their very best behavior, replete with "I'm nothing without you speeches" and making out in a hospital room.

Sooooo glad with Liv broke off that ish and took off running.  New Guy's hotter and has more self-discipline.  And he has a lot in common with Huck.

And now that we've got the obligatory Olitz commentary out of the way, let's watch Huck.

*Fun Fact: like Guillermo Diaz (Huck), actress Jasika Nicole (Huck's wife Kim) is also openly gay.


  1. I hear there is a petition going around asking them to stop dong the hiatus for Scandal.

  2. I'm happy that Scandal is back on.

    Huck was scarring me. I kept wondering what he meant by "752"? which we would find out what it symbolizes. Never knew that he had a wife and a son. I was shocked at what he did. Wow! I would have a nervous breakdown doing all of those killings. Forgive me, for being a late bloomer to Scandal, but judging by him seeing his wife and child, he's under some kind of witness protection like program.

    I almost thought that Olivia was going to go back with the Prez, but she fooled him and I couldn't blame her.I wouldn't want to be bothered with him either doing me like that. I wonder how the remainder of the season is going play.Maybe, I got lost again.but I didn't know that Millie was separating from him.On the last episode. She didn't seem to be suspicious of the affair between Olivia and the Prez,now she's thinking about blackmailing him about it?Something is missing here...


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