MHP: #Nerdland Talks Scandal

Excellent panel discussion on Melissa Harris-Perry's show about the awesome that is Scandal.  Take note network execs and show producers, this is how a roundtable discussion about POC should be handled.  (It's truly amazing that they haven't managed to figure this out yet.)

This right here is why the need for more black commentators, Hollywood execs and writers, producers and directors, and TV shows and movies starring POC as leads is so imperative.  When we have creative control over ourselves and our image, not only do we do great things, but we quash stereotypes and defy the status quo. 

As witnessed below, when done correctly it truly is a thing of beauty.

(Please note that the video does cut off towards the end, but according to the person that put this video up on YouTube, there was only about 40 seconds left, so we shouldn't have missed too much.)


  1. Who is MHP and why am I just now being introduced to her? This was utterly FANTASTIC!!! Seeing these beautiful, educated classy sisters talk about the hot mess that is Scandal, and everything that is right about it.

    "When we have creative control over ourselves and our image, not only do we do great things, but we quash stereotypes and defy the status quo."

    This is the damned honest truth. We know us and can do us...and when we're done well, we can change the world. You know NBC & CBS are looking for their own version of Shonda and I can only hope...

    1. Melissa Harris Perry is great. Her show comes on Sat & Sun at 10 am. She used to just appear on shows like Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton, then she would sub for Rachel sometimes and then she finally got her own weekend show. We now have Politics Nation, MHP (that's the actual name of her show, btw) and Martin Bashir's show, but we need more of these types of shows hosted and run by us. It makes a world of difference.

      "You know NBC & CBS are looking for their own version of Shonda and I can only hope..."

      LOL. I'm sure Fox is right there with them. Now that they see that, OMG, a show can be successful with a black lead (and a female one at that), they all want to jump on the bandwagon. I hope they realize that they can't slap any old thing on the screen though. It has to be good. And they have to actually put some decent advertising behind it.

    2. Well, the execs already have two models available for viewing:

      Scandal, a show that's done extremely well and has a solid fanbase.

      Deception, a show that's done poorly and no one other than Ankh knew it was on TV.

      Numbers don't lie. See the difference between the two and take.fucking.notes. Look at the ratings, at the data, and engage focus groups similar to what we just saw in the video. You want a smash hit that brings all the boys to the yard? You want a show that has a cultural impact? Don't be an ignorant dumbass then. Everything you need to know is on ABC at 10:00 on Thursday nights.

    3. Wholeheartedly agreed. I'm just not convinced that these clueless Hollywood execs (the old heads as I have a [naïve] tendency to believe that the younger folks would do better) would suffer from Republican disease. As in, you've got Obama/Hillary Clinton? Look at us, we've got Michael Steele/Sarah Palin! See! We've got a black man and a woman too! They're exactly the same, so vote for us! I can see the execs thinking that if they just throw a black woman up on the screen regardless of who it is, who's writing it or what the hell the show is about, black people will automatically flock to it. I don't think they can help themselves. It just seems to be the way they think.

      And yes, I'd definitely expect them to look at both Scandal and Deception and take a copious amount of "what to do" and "what not to do" notes, but I don't have faith in their common sense. It's failed me one too many times.

    4. If NBC and CBS want a successful show like Scandal they need to do the following: get a good Black writer,with a good storyline ,snd characters that have great chemistry with each other. Scandal has this,Deception didn't have it and POI really didn't have it. Oops! One more thing ,TV execs shouldn't let racist fans get in their way of creating a good series. Perhaps, POI could have been a bigger succcess. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those fans somewhat influenced the show.

    5. Deception, a show that's done poorly and no one other than Ankh knew it was on TV.

      LOLOLOLOL - no you didn't!!!

  2. Now that's the way I like. For once, here are some Black women who knows how to have a discussion about a series without getting too frenzied about it. I would look at Melissa, but I never did pay attention to her because I was under the impression that she was a comedian, now that I looked at this, I'm glad that I got to look at her stuff. I really enjoyed what I've seen.

    It would be nice if TV execs looked at shows like Deception and Scandal and get the messsage. Not too long ago, we were talking about Ninja Assassin in how these same people said that we weren't " ready' for a non Black male/Black woman in movies. Though Scandal is a TV series, it just goes to show the world how far we've come and how ready we were for series/ movies like this.

    It would also be nice to take these series seriously. For so long, Black women only was good enough for mammy roles, prostitution or comedy position. Though TV execs still are doing these things Scandal is a start and slowly, there seem to clones(far as black female leads) appearing. It would be nice if more came.

    1. It would be nice if TV execs looked at shows like Deception and Scandal and get the messsage. Not too long ago, we were talking about Ninja Assassin

      And Ninja Assassin was an instant cult classic!

    2. You guys know that before Ninja Assassin there was another moive featuring a non Black male/Black woman lead. It was called Dance with Me starring Vanessa L. Williams as the main character. She starred opposite a Puerto Rican singer/actor named Chayanne. Unlike Ninja Assassin there was a kissing/make out scene.


    Ladies...Cinnamon is back in form. Oh, ladies...this one video put all my Black Girls' Night Out posts - combined - to shame.

  4. Directv has a new show with Thandie Newton as the lead called Rogue. She plays a undercover cop helping the bad guy find out who killer her son. Its pretty good.

  5. Love MHP and have watched almost every weekend (faithfully) since her show started last year, BUT glad I missed this particular episode.

    As far as SCANDALOUS, the ONLY reason that specific show with a BLACK female lead remains on television, is because it features a Black woman being tossed around and back and forth by two WHITE MALES. One of which is the President of the United States. Had she remained even remotely interested in the one Black male costar, it would have been OFF THE AIR. As long as our women are shown to be enthralled with white men (a fantasy of many white producers, as of late) and as this sexually insatiable creature, willing to screw whoever to justify an ends...this will become the model for Black actresses to survive in Hollywood. Before you even think about conceiving me as being against interracial romance, it is a false claim and a cop out. I am talking about (what I perceive a) Hollywood mandate and the increasing amount of images portraying the White Man/Black Woman romance as a solution, not an option. A romanticized version of what the Willie Lynch letters set out to hypothesize: 'the nonexistent or castrated Black male and the Black woman fighting for survival. Hollywood knows well what they are doing and not at all surprised at Kerry Washington to be the Trojan horse of this message...she doesn't date Black men, anyway. This is something that has only escalated since the release of MONSTER BALL, where Halle Berrys character was portrayed as this lonely mother who, in the end, rode off into the sunset with one of her executed (the castrated Black male) husbands captors. I felt the same way when I saw CRASH, which featured another infamous French Sandwich Eater (Thandie Newton) and her castrated Black husband being abused by the very same white cop who comes to her rescue in the end. Yet, most Black women love this phenomenon and seen it as aesthetic.

    Pay attention and tell me that I'm lying. Tell me "oh, you're just paranoid" or call me "racist". I know Black men and our usual unwritten 'Get rich, get a White woman' behavior was the trigger and has been since many of us grew obsessed over Massas woman during slavery, but forgive me for being nervous when I am witnessing a decrease in Black romance, simultaneous with the obsession of Black women seeking white men and I am a firm believer of 'life imitating art'. Black women have created entire sites band blogs to interracial dating and obsessing over (what baffles me) the White nerd. This snow is sticking and is going to have high accumulation.

    Enjoy your afternoon swirl, ladies.

    Appreciate your time,

    PS; not returning for an argument, but please take what I said into consideration. Thank you.

    1. Yet, most Black women love this phenomenon and seen it as aesthetic.

      Not all of us, CFG. I don't care for this show. I never liked her being the prez's concubine. That was enough to turn me off.


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