MHP: The Politics of Black Hair

More Melissa Harris-Perry goodness.  And this one isn't just for the natural or transitioning sistas.  Although black women's hair--in all its varied forms--has always been a hot and sadly polarizing subject, the first-ever black First Lady combined with the booming natural hair movement has brought the issue to the forefront once more.

Again, MHP has an excellent roundtable discussion about what I'm sure America some people still considers a somewhat taboo topic.

Part 1

Part 2 
Part 3 


  1. And this is precisely why I'm a huge MHP fan. This is profound.

    That one lady nailed with, "I'm lazy. I don't want to do anything" and it not being about "Nubian Queen."

    1. You bout to make me a fan of MHP. I'm mad I'm just now knowing who she is.

    2. When it rains, it pours.

      And to think Cinnamon laughed when I told her I'd fight to the death to keep her on my blogs.

    3. @Ankh

      Woman, you're going to make me blush. :)

      And this is precisely why I'm a huge MHP fan. This is profound.

      And I LOVE that it wasn't just some short ass segment that kind of skirted around the issue, but never really got into the meat of it. Or a segment that had to end because of time constraints just when it was starting to get good. That's how it goes on most shows that call themselves trying to talk "profoundly" about black/POC issues. She stayed on it for a few segments, which is virtually unheard of. And she didn't pull any punches or worry about whether she was making any white folks uncomfortable about the topic either. I love her.

      And people were really upset over Malia Obama wearing braids? Really?! Do the people who were so upset even know any black people? This is a hairstyle that little black girls the world over wears every single day. WTF?!

    4. I'm in love.

      Cinnamon, do you mind if I link this to Black Girl Nerds?

    5. @Amaya

      I don't mind at all. Go for it!

    6. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with our readers. Jamie from BGN

  2. I haven't seen this one, but I love it! I love MHP show. She broke it down.

    "And people were really upset over Malia Obama wearing braids?"

    I'm not surprised but I'm glad they did wear them.

    1. Since is the First Lady is already the First Lady twice in a row, Michelle needs to sport some braids. And another Jason Wu dress. Just 'cause.

  3. I've said this once and amma gonna say it again:

    The only reason why black hair is a taboo topic is because white people get offended, nervous and scared when we are natural.


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