Product Review: UrbanFire Products, Part 2

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So I've been ordering my soaps from UrbanFire fairly regularly now and I've yet to be disappointed.

This last bar I just finished with the Oatmeal, Milk 'n' Honey Bar with had my skin bright, clear, and glowing in just a matter of days.

But the bar which really had my jaw on the floor was the Beauty Bar which I use for my face only.  Y'all.  To say it has done wonders for my face is a gross understatement.  I feel I've wasted my life and dollars looking for the perfect facial cleanser.  But at least it's here at last, and I don't have to worry about what cleanser I'm going to try next or why the price of everyday facial products steadily goes up.  Thanks to the Beauty Bar, my pores look smaller, my skin tone is brighter, and the soap always rinses off clean, with no icky residue.

For being a repeat customer, I got a sample of the Ancestry Shampoo Bar (yet another testament to the excellent customer service).  That's right; for those of you just joining us, UrbanFire has expanded into hair products as well.

Ancestry Hair Yogurt, 12.00 (USD)

Ancestry Shampoo Bar, 5.00 (USD)

Ras Tarafi Beeswax & Stache Salve, 15.00 (USD)

The Shampoo Bar tamed my coils upon contact; my hair just rolled right over and agreed to do whatever I told it.  As the lather thickened, my coils immediately softened and expanded. Like most UrbanFire soaps, the Ancestry Bar is only $5.00.

Gi' ya dat one mo' 'gin: an organic shampoo bar which does everything you need it to...for $5.00.

I just ordered the Sunday Morning Bar; like all the soaps it has a soft, mild, earthy and sweet smell.  Also got a sample of Ancestry Hair Yogurt which has a sweet, medicinal scent.  It absorbed quickly, leaving no white streaks in my hair, and left a soft, silky feel and look to my hair right away.

The best part about UrbanFire are the prices; I can "shop Black" without breaking the bank.  And I'm really impressed at how the prices stay low considering ingredients like Shea butter are imported straight from Ghana, where UrbanFire has made another Black female business connection without any pesky middlemen.

UrbanFire intends to continue expanding its product line, provided business picks up.  So, y'all...if you haven't been shopping there, now's the time to start.


  1. I'm going to start shopping tomorrow. I needed that beauty bar yesterday with this angry adult acne I got going on. Thanks for the review!

  2. SOLD!

    I've been looking for a new facial cleanser...and you say good hair soap???

  3. I'm going to get a couple of bars as soon as I get me a piece of change. The Beauty Bar, the Peppermint Bar, and TeaTree Bar have my attention.

  4. I think I might try the Tea Tree Bar. I am more of a body wash girl, the only bars I use is black soap and that is a staple for me.

  5. I bought some of the bars about two months ago i am working thru. I love them. I definitely intend to buy more from the line. the new things as well as some more bars. I really love that Sunday Morning bar. I am now interested in that one for the face. Thanks for the review.

    1. I really love that Sunday Morning bar.

      So do I! The scent is really beautiful.


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