Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Dang, Shonda. Dang.

I really was fooled about the mole. I actually found myself racking my brain about who it could be; for some reason, I thought you'd already killed off Billy Chambers, Shonda!

And I knew bringing on the ex-DA as a "gladiator" was a bad idea! I knew he couldn't be trusted! Did y'all really think that after wrecking his life and laying waste to his career, all would magically be forgiven? Really? Seriously?

This is the second time we've seen a guy Liv rescued play her like this; the first time had to do with that super secret spy software in that really creepy episode where the Prez tried to have sex with her up against a tree in front of the Secret Service. Yeah, you remember that one.

And uh...Huck? You have a wife and kid. You know they're real, you know you didn't imagine them...so tell me again why you're not tracking them down? Did we forget the speech your wife gave you about not wanting to raise a baby alone? Mm-hm....

Quinn is looking great, y'all. I just feel the need to mention this because Katie Lowes is a pretty actress who's added on some meat (and needs to be lauded for it), but up until recently it was like she was getting shafted. I don't know if her stylist got replaced or simply stumbled across a working formula; either way - kudos!

I don't know what the writers are thinking with Harrison and Abby the Red. They need to do more. It's very close-but-no-cigar with these two and I'm tired of it. I like these two (not together though). They're great actors and they clearly take their roles seriously, so come on. Give them more to work with.

And now let's talk Liv. Before I begin, understand I'm more than aware Scandal is light years more entertaining than Deception. However, there are certain problems I see on both shows, namely that the main character is often being treated like an afterthought. I don't know when this became The Cyrus, Mellie, & the Prez Show, but changes seriously need to be made, and soon. Kerry Washington is the star of this show, but she's rapidly becoming the Meredith Grey of Scandal. That is to say, damn near everyone else on the show is becoming more interesting than Liv. So far, Liv's biggest claim to fame seems to be that she's the President's mistress. Uh...we need to know more. Where is her family? Where did she go to school? What do her professors think of her career? Outside of her firm, does she have friends, old lovers, interests aside for swimming? Season 2 is about to end and we don't know these things, and that's unacceptable when a Black woman is helming the show.

Another thing is the inability to keep their legs closed around the wrong men.  I can understand getting drunk and taking home some loser from a smoke-filled, dive bar - I get it; it's one of life's many pleasures.  After all, you're a nobody who's screwing another nobody and thus nobody cares.

But when you're a high-profile "fixer" screwing the President of the United States (or an undercover cop screwing someone you're supposed to be investigating), thereby putting your career, your years of hard work all at risk - not to mention jeopardizing other people's lives and careers - something just screams "error".  It means we've clearly taken a horribly wrong turn somewhere.

This message that professional Black women are so damaged, so sexually insatiable, and so emotionally needy they would risk this level of widespread damage doesn't help us.  It doesn't uplift, inspire, or empower us.

It just says that we are, in fact, a bunch of disposable Jezebels, and we approve this message.


  1. What do you think about the fact that Olivia Pope had sex with Jake and Fitz within a week of each other? There was an episode in between, but according to the timeline it was around a week.

    Cyrus, whom Olivia calls her best friend, refers to her as a whore on a regular basis. Olivia does not defend herself against Cyrus.

    Mellie calls Olivia a whore, too, but at least she and Olivia don't pretend to be best friends.

    I told you months ago that Shonda said that Olivia and Fitz were endgame and that the show was becoming The Fitz Show, where HIS demands, HIS pain, HIS life was more important than Olivia's.

    You notice that you know more about Mellie's family more than you do Olivia's? You know where Mellie attended university, too. Olivia? NOPE.

    Shonda has stated that she changed the direction of the show after noticing the chemistry between Kerry and Tony. Olivia's job as a fixer has become an afterthought. Her cases only revolve around White House issues now or directly parallel her affair with Fitz.

    Forget Olivia the Fixer...it's Olivia the Mistress

    Fitz treats Olivia like a dog, but she takes it and goes back for more. I hate how he barks orders at her, and she says nothing.

    Shonda said that Harrison would get a love interest during the last half of Season 2 but still nothing. The BEST-looking guy on 'Scandal' is the one with NO love life? O-kay...

    1. This goes back to the comparison with Meagan Good's character on Deception...what was her name? Joanna. Joanna slept with her FBI handler and one of the suspects she was investigating. Liv screw Jake - a guy she knows little about and doesn't trust - and then turns around and sleeps with the still married, still dysfunctional Prez.

      Shonda is fucking up a good thing here and I'm appalled. I think she's gotten so used to fleshing out white characters that it's instinct; she hesitates when the star of her show is Black.

  2. Every word Lori just wrote gives me a migraine. Really, Shonda? Really? I hate this fucking show. I hate it! I hate what it stands for, I hate what it does, I hate what it implies and I hate what it assumes. Does Shonda even care about any of these things? We have a black female lead on a major network show and her role is the national jump-off. Oh, this makes my head hurt! Shonda, you can't get shit from me. Ever. Not ever until you make this right.

    As far as chemistry is concerned, reactions stop when a reactant runs out and it doesn't necessarily mean it yields what it was intended to. Kerry & Tony's chemistry will run out cause people get tired of SSDD. Then what? What? What next? What then? Jaysus please us!!!

    1. What's worst are the speeches. Liv spouts some great speeches about side-pieces having nothing, and not being the Prez's fantasy or his whore, and that she doesn't like being summoned, etc...but then she turns around and sleeps with the Prez again. He dumps her, he gets sex. He calls her a whore, a mistress, a whatever, he gets sex. He stays married, he gets sex.

      No wonder so many people are rooting for Mellie at this point. And I'm surprised the gladiators haven't just walked out and told Liv to get her ish together. I need to see Harrison sit her down for a chat about men. I need Abby to give the same speech she gave Liv back in Season 1 about not getting to stop being Olivia Pope. Abby gave a moving speech about how when her husband was beating her ass, Liv took a tire iron to his knees. Where is that Olivia Pope? Who is this simpering, emotional train wreck who can't keep her legs closed?

      Why would anyone listen to a fixer who needs some serious fixing herself? I wouldn't Liv anywhere near my problems at this point.

      By the way, John Barrowmen guest-starring as a fixer....EXCELLENT. I'm surprised Neo-Prodigy didn't stop by to give him a shout-out.

    2. Olivia doesn't care what Harrison says to her. In this episode, Harrison tried talking sense to her, but she dismissed him. Later, she gave him the company's files because she knows that when her name is revealed, her career as a fixer would be finished.

      Liv is FINE with her career being over because she's choosing Fitz over her career. Fitz is planning to kick Mellie out of the White House and moving Liv in.

      Fitz earned Olivia by letting Mellie out his affair to the press. He was not man enough to do it himself.

    3. Liv is FINE with her career being over because she's choosing Fitz over her career.

      A man who truly loves you would NEVER let you do something so asinine.

      This is wrong on so many levels. She won't ever be taken seriously again, and what happens when they get tired of one another? What happens then, Liv? I hope she is independently wealthy.

  3. I saw a comment elsewhere and, even without watching the show, I am inclined to agree - Olivia loves drama. She loves messy. A sane relationship would bore her to tears because she wouldn't see it as a good thing.

    She's the kind of friend where you'd end up going, "Girl, I love you and all, but I can't deal with your three-ring circus love life. I can't manage the stress.".

  4. Wow! I had to give Shonda for the season finale. She definitely gave is a run for our money.

    I certainly didn't expect for us to be introduced to her daddy in the sly way that it happened. I didn't even know that Mr.Ruthless was her dad. Really..that took me for a major league jolt! Huck also surprised me also. Initially, I thought that he was going to have another breakdown and kill the man, but Quinnie..OMG!!I didn't think that she had it in her to do such a thing .To market it so bad, she was indifferent in letting his blood splash on her face. I couldn't do it.Yuck!

    Overall, this episode was tops! I'm looking forward to the next season of Scandal. I hope that it will me as exciting as the season finale.


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