Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope



It's official.  Shonda Rhimes and I are a married couple.  I'm her bitchy wife (just in case you're wondering).  I nag her, I snap at her, I bicker all day long...and then she goes and buys me decadent chocolate, an expensive necklace, and tickets for a Mediterranean cruise.

'Cause that's what the Season 2 finale was like.

See, I did this before with Season 1.  I wasn't impressed, I kept telling her she never took me anywhere nice, and I was ready to call our divorce attorney.

But then she won me back.

Similar sitch here.  Season 2 was entertaining, I had some laughs, I fell deeply in love with Cyrus Beene and Huck...I started paying Quinn more attention, I even dug the Jake the New Guy.  But Liv was falling kind of flat.  And I still stand by that assessment; if anyone gets an award for this episode it will Jeff Perry for his flawless portrayal of Cyrus Beene.  I knew he was going to have a heart attack with all the rage he was showing these past few eps, and he finally did have one!  And that wasn't enough to stop him!  Even in the ambulance he was threatening to shoot medics while yelling at the Prez over the phone.

Cyrus gives one of the best, most withering speeches about Olitz - to Olitz -  and I was sooooooo happy to see the problems with that relationship actually addressed on the show.  He goes off.  He rips their bullshit romance apart.  He airs all their dirty laundry.  He tells Olivia about how the Prez murdered Judge Verna Thornton.  And he shows the Prez a video of Liv screwing the New Guy.

Doesn't work, of course.  They're in love.  They forgive.  *yawns*

And y'all....Huck wasn't kidding when he called Quinn a natural.  She finally gets to torture someone, so now I officially have a girl crush on the actress, Katie Lowes.  Did NOT see that one coming.  But she went and got all thick, her face filled out, her skin got youthful, and then she got all blood-splattered while yelling and torturing a screaming Billy Chambers - flawless victory.

David Rosen gets his revenge, but not the way you think.  Turns out, he really is a gladiator, and seriously ought to consider a job as a fixer.  He plays the gladiators (which seems to be getting easier), he plays Billy Chambers, squeezes a confession, and then uses it and the infamous Cytron card to redeem himself and get a massively awesome job.  Ironically, during Chambers' confession he babbles on about how Olivia ruins people's lives.  While listening, Olivia finally realizes she's abandoned her friends in the delusion that she'd become the next First Lady (seriously...she had a "plan" and everything).  She decides she's their gladiator, openly refers to herself as such, and (appears to) choose them over the Prez.

So, with his tail between his legs, the Prez goes back to Mellie, now that Liv's regained something resembling dignity.  The Prez and Wifey are going to run a second term and try to win without cheating this time.  Um...good luck with that.

And I've been wondering where Shonda was going with the Joe Morton's character.  Nerds will recognize Joe Morton as Henry Deacon from Eureka.  On Scandal, he portrays the Leader of B-613...and Olivia Pope's dad.

That's right.  The boss of all these stone-cold, bad-ass, black ops killers - Charlie, Jake, Huck - is Olivia Pope's father.

We wanted to meet her family.  We wanted to know why she's so damaged, with such a twisted idea of love (I mean, really?  Tony Goldwyn is attractive - I get that.  He makes being in one's 50s look damn good and he is a talented actor.  Too talented, in fact, because the Prez is a train wreck).

So while the season ends on that note, I have to ask...does anyone remember that Liv is supposed to be a fixer?  With cases and wealthy contacts, and like...a career?  When do we get to see that side of her again?  'Cause I don't think the gladiators earned enough revenue this season.  Their entire business was reduced to Liv being the Prez's jump-off (I still stand by that assessment as well).  What did they do on the quieter days, show up to work and bitch about the boss for eight hours?

All in all, it's nice to finally meet Liv's dad but come on...doesn't she have cousins, siblings, childhood friends, a mom, aunties...something?  And yes, she swims, but what else?  And while the Prez tries to get four more years will she finally move on with her life?

The Season 2 Finale has admittedly re-energized my interest in the show, but Season 3 still needs to be much, much better.


  1. The writers came with it for the finale and me and my BFF both texting Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! at the same time. LOL

    I knew something was up when she was going to take her run and they were going in that slow motion mode with the music. (U know shit is about to fly when they do slow motion). So the question is did Olivia's dad leak the news or did Mellie go ahead anyway and release the info.

    I just want Olivia to stay away from the President, but now that she has been named the mistress, next season will be fixing Olivia.

  2. The writers came with it for the finale and me and my BFF both texting Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! at the same time. LOL

    So it wasn't just me!!!!

  3. I agree...I'm glad Olivia is done bein' the POTUS' other woman! I believe her father is the one who leaked her name as mistress to the most powerful man on the planet;I believe he wants her undivided attention to remind her she's better than being number two in the life of a married man. Her father is likely the reason she's having such an illustrious career...and she's been wasting the benefits of her protection by being intimate with Fitz. Me thinks Dad doesn't like seeing his little girl in that role.

    My interest in the show has been renewed...I look forward to the next season...and has been previously stated by others...the writers had best bring it in season 3

    1. I'm glad Olivia is done bein' the POTUS' other woman!

      Yeah, but is she? 'Cause just when you think they're done they head to the nearest broom closet or they wind up in the shower.

      Me thinks Dad doesn't like seeing his little girl in that role.

      I tend to concur. The conversation they're about to have is going to be veeeeeerrrrry interesting.


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