Fanfic All-Call

Some time ago, I wrote a post that led to a side-discussion about a fic I wrote featuring Riddick from Pitch Black.  I discovered there were some closeted Riddick fans out there, including Ankh, Meanie, KStyle and Leo Princess.  The fic, "Forever in the Night," has to be completely rewritten, and I'm in the mood to work on it now.  It takes place after the events in Pitch Black and features a bad-ass gunrunner and weapons specialist named Michi (Mee-CHEE) Medina.

Anyway, I am posting this all-call to get the creative juices flowing.  For all my Riddick lovers on TBGC, please feed the plot bunny and tell me what you'd like to see happen in this fic besides the obvious.


  1. Oooh goody! Since Michi is a gun runner/weapons specialist you can definitely keep this in space, not necessarily have to be on a main planet unless it's crucial to the plot. Also you don't have to keep Michi human or she can be a hybrid of sorts like Riddick.

    If you need some name generators for planets/weapons/technology, characters, etc... I usually use seventh sanctum- http://www.seventhsanctum.com/

    It will be interesting on how you will have Michi challenge Riddick, I am not talking so much physically but mentally, it's one of Riddicks strengths, it's like foreplay to him sometimes.

    If you do decide to have **cough** sex somewhere in the story between the two, space ship sex can bring all types of creativity. LOL

  2. I'm racking my brain, Amaya, I really am, but it's pre-occupied with work and web-cred building for work at the moment. The best I can offer is that I like Lecter-level intelligence as well as good ol' fashioned knock-down drag outs in my action/adventure stories. A side-order of sexy-times is also good. =)

  3. I want to see the inner working of the criminal underworld I wanna read the slang and sarcasm of hardened thieves and contract killers.

    1. Um...you know I'm not a hardened thief, contract killer or a criminal, right? I'll do the best I can in my approximation, tho.

    2. Ain't that hard.

      Contract killers don't talk much. They get in, cap the target, and get out. They're cold, focused professionals who don't have any friends. They don't brag about their work and they're always armed.

      Thieves are not as bubbly as people like to portray them. Thieves often steal for someone else, which means they're doing the heavy lifting on commission - not exactly a mood enhancer. They're sober, agile, technologically advanced, and though they'd prefer not to leave a trail of bodies, it's best not to stiff them.

      Both types will most likely speak in code, so it should be fun experimenting with words and creating your own slant.

      Just an FYI. I don't think a lot about this sort of thing.

  4. Hmmmm. I have the template of the original story, so I will see what I can do with this info. I'll let you know when the fic goes up. Need to do some research.


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