Black Girls' Night Out: Jessica Pearson

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson
I got another Suits DVD in the mail, so I settled down to watch and pretty confirm what I already knew.

As usual, Gina Torres remained fabulous, with her wardrobe on point showing off her magnificent build.

I noticed that in two episodes, she had to help two old friends.  The first featured the spendiforous Paula Newsome as Lucille Jackson, a Black woman who grew up sleeping in her mother's car and halfway houses, to being a prominent professional and powerhouse, sitting on the boards of multiple corporations and wielding a hell of influence.

So at first I was like, "Okay...guest star of color, female, wardrobe and make up on point, same as Sharon Leal...what's the catch?"

Paula Newsome as Lucille Jackson

Here's the catch:  She's in the beginning of the episode.  She's at the end of the episode.  For the rest of episode she's simply referred to, so much you start wondering who's this "Lucille Jackson" everyone keeps talking about.  Shit, I know I did for a minute.

Also, the legendary Tim Russ - "Tuvok", from Star Trek: Voyager - is cast as opposing counsel.  In other words, yet another Black man written in a negative light.

"The script says I gotta be what????  Do y'all know who I am?!"
Then there's the other episode where her other friend needs help.

Her name is Tori.  Don't ask me anything else.

John Billingsley ("Phlox" from Star Trek: Enterprise) is the dude
whose back we're seeing.  I'm guessing the casting people
are Trekkies; Gabriel Macht's character is a Trekkie.
Tori needs her dear friend Jessica to handle something for her, but while Jessica's firm is handling it, they learn Tori's been using a shelf corporation to steal from Jessica's company for years.

"...dat bitch been stealin' from me???"
What I noticed in both cases is that Jessica doesn't step in to get the job done; it always goes to the white guy, the hero, so that he can save the day.  Um, excuse me...we've been friends for years and you're passing my case off to someone else?

Why is Jessica almost always written out of handling cases?  She started this firm, kept it running, made millions of dollars and is allegedly an exceptional lawyer.  Uh...could you show us, please? Oh, wait I forgot...not her show; she's not the focus.

She has a bomb office though.

And she looks fabulous consistently.

"Damn, it's good to be me."
And though Perfection Herself is lovely to behold, Suits still has a serious problem with its men of color.  In the Season 1 finale, Neil Brown, Jr. plays an innocent man sent to jail for 12 years.

"Aaaand...tell me again why they couldn't cast a white guy for
this bullshit?  Why brothas on TV always gotta be shown in jail?"
Meanwhile Chi McBride is cast as the asshole DA who won't even stop to consider the man might be innocent when he's accused by two white boys of killing a white girl back in high school.


"Dis check better be good."
*sigh*  Buckle up, ladies.  Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane is next.


  1. One of the nice things about black women is that she has looked exactly the same for the last 20 years (I'm trying to remember my earliest recollection of her but I definitely remember her from Hercules or Xena)...and it's just nature, not scalpels or botox.

  2. Sweet Jesus, your captions....*deading*

    1. *blinks innocently*

      I only meant to do one or two. Then I suddenly remembered me posts on "Deception." Next thing I know, the captioning took on a life of its own.

  3. Another thing with Gina Torres is that she's one of those actresses that they try to de-black since she is also Latina. Weird how that works...they really like to pretend that Black Latinos are descended from I don't even know where...

    1. You've been bringing this up consistently and I've been noticing sooooo many things ever since.

      1) White folklore, myth, fairy tales, legends, whatever, focus on youth and staying young. Apparently, premature aging has really bugged them for thousands of years.

      2) Every black actor/actress/comedian I loved back in the 1990s still looks damn good - Avery Brooks, Levar Burton, Lorenz Tate, Terrence Howard, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Bianca Lawson, Gina Torres, Nia Long, Gabriel Union, the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, their white counterparts for the most part look horrendous.

      At first, I would say, "It's been 10, 15, years...." but then I remember that Bianca Lawson and Sarah Michelle Gellar were about the same age on Buffy. 17 years later, Bianca doesn't look any different. Sarah Michelle, however..... And Anthony Stewart Head is looking withered and downright ANCIENT compared to Michael Dorn, Avery Brooks, LeVar Burton, etc.

      Don't get me started on David Boreanaz and James Marsters. I mean...what the hell?

    2. Friggin' James Bradley on "Merlin" is even starting to look a little worn.

    3. Well, as someone just a little younger than the people you listed, when I go to high school reunions I think people probably are starting to think I made a deal with the dark forces. I don't use FB anymore but when I still posted, people from high school were like ??? (I was the only black girl which is why my classmates now look like retirees). B/c yeah, my face looks the same (only better b/c you know, more money, better taste).
      Larenz Tate could still play a high schooler truth be told. Not sure if you've ever seen Don Cheadle's Showtime show House of Lies but Larenz Tate appears occasionally as his brother (and Col. Taylor from A Different World Plays his dad), but during the 2nd season, they added Nia Long as a regular and I was like "aww, a Love Jones reunion and they both look like it's 1997"...
      David Boreanaz ages like Channing Tatum has been aging. They aren't blonds but hit 30 or so and started aging like fireflies. James Masters did pretty well b/c he was well into his 40s when the show started.
      White people worship staying young but I see that they consistently ignore how young we tend to stay. I encounter this all of the time. I have an Asian friend who a few years younger than me (both in our 30's). So my skin is totally smooth and line free, she has crow's feet and some lines(not as many as white women her age but no, she does NOT look like any college kid), but if I had a nickel for every time elbowed me and made some comment about Asian women being ageless I'd be retired. B/c I'm like, what about her crow's feet makes her supposedly look so much younger than my totally smooth skin. It's like they want to act like we are all 45 and older (and look it).
      And since I know I'm going to look the same for the next quarter century, why would I be jealous of her skin even if it was as nice as mine.
      So they worship youth but only want to worship it when it comes in a lighter package.
      Some 48 year old white lady asked me if we were the same age and I was like bitch, how could that be possible? Michelle Obama is your age and she doesn't look it, so I know I look like a fetus next to you. You look older than my mom.
      I mean Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Michelle Obama...all still GLOW like Nia Long and Gabrielle Union and they are a decade older.
      Of course, looking at them, can you blame white actresses for NOT wanting to have to stand next to them either in real life OR on the big screen. Would Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Anniston really want to put their faces up next to Nia Long and Gabriel Union?
      If there was some kind of Buffy reunion, do they want us comparing Sarah Michelle Gellar to Bianca Lawson?
      Do they placate themselves by pretending that still attractive black celebrities have to use injections and plastic to maintain their youth (b/c honestly, the only one who has tragically ruined her face is Vivica Fox).

  4. I'll say it. It is impossible for Gina Torres to look anything less than positively sickening. They could put her in ashes and sackcloth and she would come for everyone else's scalps; she's that damn fierce.

  5. Okay, so you finally got me watching this show. I seriously want to know the costume designer who does Gina's clothes b/c she is 6 feet tall. I do like the fact that they bother to tailor everything for her so it fits her frame perfectly, which is exactly how a black woman in her position would roll (when we have the dollars, we don't muck around).

    1. LOL - good! Then I'll keep watching and posting because to be honest, she's influencing how I shop.

    2. You are breaking it down really well. Now I'm seeing the pieces. At first it was like, oh ok, they are showing NYC with black lawyers(Tracie Toms still rocking her twists) and judges, etc, but yeah, with the exception of Jessica, almost all with flawed characters.
      I do find Meghan Markle's casting interesting b/c I think I mentioned before, she does not look like a white girl to me, and if you see other photos of her, it is clear that she is a)of African descent and b)is getting a lot of "help" keeping her hair straight.
      Only on Season 1, but I wonder if they'll show her family and be accurate b/c again, she doesn't look like someone who could possibly have 2 white parents unless someone had a secret.
      To me, much like Rashida Jones, once you put her next to a white person, it should be unmistakable that she's not a white person, but yeah, not sure why they chose her? Is she supposed to be an acceptable version of black beauty or a pretty "white" girl? (Also, important to note that she has a black mom b/c in my experience, black moms raise their kids to be very aware and proud of their blackness in a way that many black men married to non-black women do not).
      Now I need to scroll through to find what you wrote about her b/c I know you did but I had no context back then.

    3. Only on Season 1, but I wonder if they'll show her family and be accurate b/c again, she doesn't look like someone who could possibly have 2 white parents unless someone had a secret.

      This is a good point. I'm interested to see where they go with her parents. They might just make them "ambiguous" as well.

  6. Not sure if you bothered with Season 3 of this show...but goodness. I just finished and I had noticed how you RARELY see Rachel and Jessica in the same scenes (I mean, why would Jessica need to bother with her) but they finally did and it was like, don't do that b/c you did Rachel and her oddly shapeless, spindly little body no favors.
    It was weird b/c I feel like they put her in tight clothes as IF she is hot and could actually hold a candle to Gina Torres but it's like, oh, boo, go outside and play and let the grownups handle the real business. They put her in this form fitting dress the emphasized everything she doesn't have (chest, waist, hips, butt) and then had her standing in front of Jessica. I'm like, ugh, you go before the Queen looking like you are wearing a potato sack with cut-outs for a dress? So much ugh. She has the oddest proportions I have ever seen. Okay, end rant.
    I mean, even if you don't want to bother with their nonsense (b/c it is nonsense) you could just mute the TV and go to every scene Jessica is in to see what she is wearing, b/c that is NEVER a let down.


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