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Kylie Bunbury as Lacey Porter
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I typically avoid shows where teens are the stars, that are part of the ABC Family collection, and I try really hard to avoid anything which has to do with the CW.

That being said, sometimes you just gotta give in.

For those who are just joining us and haven't been on the Narrative lately, Kylie Bunbury stars as Lacey Porter on ABC's Twisted.  It airs Tuesday nights at 9/8 Central, is available for subscription on Amazon.com, and though I loathe to admit it, it has my attention.

...So far.

Twisted is not a teen/tween "thriller", contrary to popular advertising.  If anything, it's a dark comedy with some basic Whedonesque tendencies.  The story revolves around three childhood friends: Danny Desai (an East Indian-white mixie), Lacey Porter, and Jo Masterson, a white girl.  At the age of eleven, Danny strangles his aunt Tara Desai with a jump rope while his friends are just outside, playing on a swingset.

The murder rocks their idyllic little town and 11-year-old Danny gets sentenced to spend five years in a juvenile facility.  At the age of sixteen, he returns.

Upon his return, he finds Jo has become a socially reclusive outcast and Lacey has become a pretty and popular girl.  The two girls are no longer friends, and neither is looking forward to Danny's return (they keep having nightmares about "that day").  Lacey even gets on TV and dubs Danny "The Socio", a nickname which sweeps through their high school like an STD.

And while the show explores whether or not Danny really is a sociopath (he does meet some of the requirements), our interest on this site lies with the characterization of Lacey Porter.  But don't worry Avan Jogia fans...I intend to discuss the characterization of Danny more thoroughly on the Narrative.

I kind of admire this character; she becomes popular and starts dating a jock (a really bland white dude) as a matter of survival.  After Danny was sent away, Lacey and Jo became pariahs overnight.  I don't understand this, since they were just as horrified and (literally) traumatized by the murder as everyone else.

But anyways, Lacey is beautiful.  Actress Kylie Bunbury is a stunning, classy, graceful, eloquent young woman and I have very high hopes for her career after this.  I say "after this" because let's face it...there's No Way this show's staying on for the next several years.  The character of Lacey Porter is a Black Girls Club Inductee of THE highest order: she's beautiful, she's popular, she's desired by her white boyfriend and the tall, dark, and mysterious lead character, and oh yeah...her role in the promotion of the series already smells of fail.

See where I'm going with this?  If not....

There are five episodes so far, and I'll be posting the fourth and fifth at the end of this.  If you're unfamiliar with the show, you can watch the first three on Amazon.com and the last two on Hulu, but let me just get you caught up.  Where Lacey's concerned, there's a lot...but not a lot because she has limited screen time (quel surprise).

Lacey is initially hostile to Danny and standoffish to Jo, but when her friend Regina is murdered and Danny's accused, she can't avoid those two anymore.  Then there's the fact that Danny and Lacey are intensely attracted to each other, so much that on his first or second night back in town she falls asleep at his house after spending the whole night talking with him.  Mm-hm.

In the meantime, Lacey is dating Prince Bland the captain of the soccer team.  Their glaring lack of chemistry seems deliberate and it works great; after all, Lacey is playing Miss Popular for the sake of social survival (and Danny's return ain't helpin').  After finding some evidence which supports Danny's insistence that he didn't murder anyone (this time), Lacey meets up with him in private where they share smoochies.  It's in the fifth ep, which I'm about to post, but let's just cut to the chase, shall we?


By the way, Lacey's mother is Judy Porter, a divorcee portrayed by Robin Givens.

If you can't view the eps, never fear. The Twisters on YouTube have your back.


  1. At the age of eleven, Danny strangles his aunt Tara Desai with a jump rope while his friends are just outside, playing on a swingset.

    Bitch, what????

    1. Well, they haven't said yet why he strangled her or if he really strangled her. He keeps saying that he can't tell anybody what really happened in that house.

      Although I wasn't interested in teen drama's people were talking about it so much on my tumblr that I start watching it 2 weeks ago. So far so good. I'm more interested in the murder mystery.

    2. I'm watching the episodes repeatedly and obsessively for clues because the writers officially have me stumped. I honestly can't tell if the boy really is a sociopath or just has tendencies. I find myself in awe of the fact that I genuinely can't tell where the writers are going with this.

      @ Meanie...I bet that's going to be the big twist. He didn't kill his aunt. His father had a drinking problem; maybe he did it.

      Since it's a bunch of 20- and possibly 30-year-olds playing teens, I find myself fast forwarding through their forced teen "moments". And on that OHNTD blog post, I found myself glad to see someone else thinks the Chief of Police is as dumb as a box of hair.

      @ Amaya, girl...you don't even know.

      In the pilot episode there's a scene - which I've capped for my upcoming character study - where some dumb jock shove Danny. The music which plays while he calmly recovers is straight up bone-chilling. It's like the bewildered composer's asking, "Motherfucker, why is you even touchin' this boy?"

      But Danny doesn't fight back; he just pulls the jock close by the neck and whispers in his ear. The jock's face goes really pale, and he backs the fuck off promptly. Later on we find out Danny told him he'd kill him and "enjoy it...just like the last time."

    3. "I honestly can't tell if the boy really is a sociopath or just has tendencies. I find myself in awe of the fact that I genuinely can't tell where the writers are going with this."

      This! Avan Jogia is doing a great job, especially with those little smirks/smiles he does that make you go...Hmmm.

    4. That what I was trying to tell you girl. See now you in deep. I hope the ride continues to be this fun and exciting. And I just love looking at Avan, especially when he's with Kylie. And I too noticed that the story is somewhat less centered on Lacey's character but I feel they're making up for it by letting the fandom know that she and Danny have been a thing since day one. And for me personally Lacey's character is way more interesting and compelling than Jo's. Jo is just too naive and trusting.

  2. @ Meanie...oh yeah. At the end of this, that boy is gonna need some awards.

    I find it fascinating that he was working in a comedy before this, and now he's playing...well...this.

    @ Marona - if it turns out he really is a sociopath, the white girl can have him.

    In the meantime, I'm a bit concerned with all the girls fawning over a potential sociopath. I get it that Avan is good-looking young man, but his character allegedly killed a relative. With a jump rope. When he was eleven.

    Why are we fuckin' around with this dude>

  3. By the way...this is a hilarious show to follow (people have way too much fun reviewing this show). Seriously, once you view it as a dark comedy, the snark comes so easily.

  4. Dag ! Just when I got so excited to watch Twisted my Wifi acts up. Oh well. O still plan yo watch it soon as possible.

  5. Typos..arrgh. Tried to correct the latter half by saying " I still plan to watch it ASAP. I trust your word about the review.


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