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ABC's "Twisted" attempts to live up to its name

Ohhhhhhhhhh, snap.

All right, Dacey fans...it seems our your moment has come.  This week's episode showed our girl Lacey Porter finally breaking up with Prince Bland and giving in to Danny Desai...like we didn't already see that one coming.

Now, before you all start hollering and screaming and OMGing, we need talk about what led up to that decision, and I don't mean where Sarita gave Lacey the ultimatum about either hanging out with either the outcasts or the popular kids - to hell with that teen drama BS.

No, no, no...I'm talking about the steamy makeout session Danny and Lacey started to have on top of Tara Desai's grave.

That's right, Amaya ladies; you heard me.  Danny and Lacey start to passionately go at it on top of the grave of the woman he killed.

In typical Lacey fashion, she stops him and dramatically takes off (seriously, though...the writers need to check that).  Of course, we find out she's leaving to (supposedly) go break up with her boyfriend.  Later, she heads back to Danny's house, presumably to continue what they started on his aunt's grave.

And now that we've got the recap out the way, let's talk characterization.

I'm really proud of all the young Black women coming out in support of this character; I have read so many insightful, intelligent, cogent arguments in her defense and I am in awe of my young sisters.  I've actually learned quite a bit from these young ladies.

For example, Lacey is cold - this is true.  Lacey is an Ice Princess.  After Danny was hauled off to juvie, she cut Jo like dead weight so she wouldn't get in the way of Lacey's social life.  And while that's amusing from an audience perspective, that's obviously a huge no-no in real life.

However, Lacey's frostiness is mainly due to her need to survive.  She was the one who actually found Tara Desai's body, then made out on top of it years later, but that's neither here nor there, and while she was reeling from that drama, her parents - unlike Jo's - were going through a divorce.  On top of that, her remaining best friend, Jo, was speaking victimese day in, day out and over-indulging her PTSD.

Now, I ain't sayin' Lacey should've just dumped her...but I understand.

Check out this Sneak Peek for Episode 8:


  1. OMG.. so didn't expect it ,but happened.. yayyy!

    I admit, when Jo started to dream about Danny, I was like will Danny go with her considering that they are good friends. It seemed so real that I actually thought that it was the real deal and thought that's that he wants her.

    I don't know but I wonder if Jo get him.Just like the grave party, soon as that guy said that Lacey was going to the party he was quick to go to it. Idk about you but I see what Siah means about Sarita. If she wouldn't have made that kind adamant ultimatim to me I would have been like "C-ya" and walked away from her like she was a ghost.

    Honestly, I didn't think that Lacey wouldn't give into Danny.. at least not extremely quick like that. I thought that she would continue to playhard to get.. for a while at least. Definitely,after Danny said that he could never forget that kiss ,we knew that he was going to keep pursuing her.

    Beautiful just beautiful though the graveyard? Ugh! I once was invited to go to a graveyard festival and I quickly declined. Couldn't it have been elsewhere? Like a park?but a grave site?no way!

    1. Also,much as I enjoyed them kissing ,I'm kinda glad that Lacey did stop it. I almost forgot that they they were near his aunts grave. It would have seemed even more weird of they would have kept doing. The last thing I would have done was to make both characters look disrespectful.

    2. On her grave! They start going at it on her grave!!!

      This is why I'm beginning to think that maybe the writers are entertaining the idea of definitely making him a sociopath.

      Look at how he's bringing Jo and Lacey back to him - Jo's the lonely, vulnerable one. She starts obsessing over him right away; all he has to do is be mysterious and tell her how important she is to him, and she rolls right over.

      Lacey's trickier; she's colder, more strategic. She has the pretty, the popularity, and the social power - to manipulate her into giving all that up willingly, Danny has to make her more impulsive. So he fosters their forbidden passion with long, lingering looks, and then sits back and lets her hormones do the work for him.

      In so doing, he carefully maintains a wedge between the girls - they're not going to really be friends after this.

      ...of course, this is all just a theory.

    3. By the way, I added a promo for the next ep.

    4. Oh wow!

      I just can't see how producers will continue to let Danny and Lacey's romance be the way it is.They're on the bed and you know that they want.. or maybe want to take it to the next level but they can't because Twisted is a family show....bummer! They shouldn't tease us like this.

      I agree with you.Let this show be the show be for what it is.It should be put on channels that isn't restrictive. I'll be even happier if it was.

    5. For real! After Season 1, ABC needs to the sell the rights to the highest bidder so it can be what it needs to be.

    6. They're on the bed and you know that they want

      By the way, you're totally killing me with this?

  2. "This is why I'm beginning to think that maybe the writers are entertaining the idea of definitely making him a sociopath."

    I agree with you Ankh. There were scenes that made me wonder. The scene were he finally calls his mother , mom. He puts a lot of emotion into his face and almost looks like he might drop a tear or two. BUT when she hugs him his face goes completely blink. I saw the scene and felt it might have been an act the whole time. (I have some gifs of the scene: http://24.media.tumblr.com/02e6031b9b9751f7b64eb1ef8af813d0/tumblr_mp38gckp0q1s7qqago6_250.gif and http://25.media.tumblr.com/9bf4f179926ed7f801a34f1d21cf9522/tumblr_mp38gckp0q1s7qqago9_r1_500.gif )

    I think it would interesting if he were a sociopath. If he is ... does that mean Lacey is possibly his next target?

    1. I wondered about that!

      But I think he needs Jo and Lacey for...whatever it is he's ultimately up to. Hence the theoretical manipulation of the two girls.


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