Black Girls' Night Out: Lacey Porter

This week's episode had some good and bad.  We'll start with the good.

When Danny becomes the victim of vicious and disturbing pranks - and I do mean vicious and disturbing - Lacey doesn't just stand by.  The moment she gets some info, she drops whatever she's doing and heads to his home to warn him.

There are also more kisses in this ep, which never gets old...and by the way they started getting undressed with each other at the end of the episode (yes, I said "undressed"), it appears things are going to get even steamier between these two.

As usual, Kylie Bunbury looked fabulous...and this is right about where the good ends.

Now onto the bad.

I am soooooooo tired of hearing about Lacey's fear of people finding out that she's messing around with Danny Desai.  It sounds like a poor man's PSA on peer pressure; I strongly blame the writers for this because it doesn't make any sense.  This mindless repetitive writing has been noted before on the show (particularly where Danny simply won't say why he strangled his aunt), and it poses a serious problem.  It's contradictory and leaves the audience feeling restless and unsure about the writers' ability to maintain the show.

For example, at the beginning of the episode, Lacey states she's not willing to lose her friends because they've helped her through some rough times.

Um, if they're such good friends, why can't they just stick with her through this?

Also, the beginning of the show got us into the idea that Lacey is a stone-cold strategist who is, you know, strong?  Why can't she just find a way to spin this in her favor?

Lastly...this is very un-Negro of her.  Black women, you know how it is when you're with someone.  Some folks can't accept it and have to weigh in or sabotage it or what have you.  If you're a Black girl dating Danny Desai, do you really want to sit back and let the female population assume he's single?  Jo ain't following him around all day for nothing, ladies, and all those girls calling him "Socio" still want him.  The moment they find out he's been getting naughty with Lacey, they'll start singing a different tune.

Did anyone else feel horribly deceived by the beginning of this scene?

Here's the sneak peek from next week, where alas...the annoying secrecy continues. At least the amazingly believable chemistry between the two continues. As irritated as I am with the writers, at least the actors are vastly exceeding expectations.



  1. "Did anyone else feel horribly deceived by the beginning of this scene of this scene?"

    I'm glad that you asked this question because I certainly did. I felt as if I was jilted out of 1,000,000 dollars. What happened to my provocative love scene? Maybe Danny was expecting it too.I wasn't expecting for Lacey to talk about her fears while you had other more romantic surprises in store. Nobody does that!

    You're right. If I had a boyfriend and especially one that looked as incredibly sexy like Danny, in my own little way, I'm going to let those women know that the boy is mine without making myself look possessive. My family pretty much already know my attitude when it comes to making sacrifices. If they can't accept him,they can't accept me either.If I loved a man that much I would stand up for him.

    I was disappointed with Danny .I know what he was attempting to do,but he should have known better. He's a supposed sociopath and in reality you're not going to find too many people who would want to come to your party.Why would you want to get get interviewed by the enemy? Initially, I thought that Danny was going to pull a fast one on him.I hated that Lacey wasn't able to tell Danny on time .Though Danny should have expected it (not necessarily the Danny lookalikes that was at the party)... the cruelty from other people,it still hurts.

    I really didn't expect for Danny's mom to say that she was guilty of his aunts death. I'm wondering, like the police, if she's covering up for Danny or did she she really kill Tara?A part of me says she could have because it looks more credible for an adult to do it instead of child but for me it would be another case of what looks obvious isn't always obvious. Sometimes,I don't even think that Danny is the killer.

    OMG!! That love scene.. just imagine if Twisted wasn't on Abcfamily (God how I wished that it was on the regular ABC channel or another non family friendly channel.)I was looking at that telling mommy dearest is this really ABC family because there are hints that it shouldn't be. For some reason, somebody hit a transformer causing my TV to go off for a few minutes,but wasn't that the jock looking in their window? I'm wondering what he's going to blackmail Danny in someway with what he's seen? Boy,if that was the jock, he really looked very strange like a stereotypical sociopath.

    Well we all know that Jo will not be happy if they tell her about their relationship (cat fight.. lol!). To be honest, I wouldn't want it to end. There are only 3 episodes left and on one of the episodes Lacey seems to be very upset with Danny about lying about something that well all know very soon.I'm hoping that whatever it is will be a case of the beginning of the end for them. My mom abruptly said" I bet that he's going to end up bring with that White girl(Jo)."I hope not, but it wouldn't surprise me. Look at what happened with Flash forward. If that happens, it will be the beginning of the end for me watching Twisted.

    1. Just a correction, Danny's mom said she killed Regina. If that's true it's possible she knew of her connection to Vikram and possibly Tara. Frankly the whole situation sounds pretty dirty.

    2. Oops...I'm glad you cleared that one up.It could be a possibility that she knew about their connection.Even if Danny's mom admitting to the killing idk...I could be wrong but even with her confession.. I just smell a rat with it..it just seem too easy. I just cannot see the producers of Twisted getting rid of her that quickly.

    3. What happened to my provocative love scene?

      Just added a bonus video for you sweetheart. More than makes up for it.

  2. Honestly Jo seems like the most useless character at times. For instance in this episode it seemed she was only involved b/c the jock asked her out on a date. If not for that it would have just been Danny and Lacey. Lacey is the one with connections within her inner circle. So if they could find a better justification for the secrecy of Lacey and Danny's relationship (i.e. the fear of retaliation from her popular peers or to find out their intentions toward Danny) then I could understand. But I feel like they just don't want to give Lacey much to say period. I mean her friends are not doing her any favors. Perhaps she isn't completely on board and so if things go south she knows where to go. I think it's fair to still question Danny even if she likes him. Even though I doubt he could be a sociopath the relationship is still new enough that if things did go that way I would prefer to have the safety and privileges my social status affords me.

    1. Jo doesn't bug me except when her POV dominates. In part, it's because the actress reminds me of a young Julia Stiles, and I'm a Julia fan.

      Jo is Danny's conscience; Lacey is his heart.

    2. Makes sense. Yeah, I think it's that fact that her POV dominates the narrative.

  3. Also all the Danny stalkers at the crib and nobody tries to grab one of them or file a police report? I guess it was poor timing for Danny's mom since she made the confession the same night. But still.

  4. I'm a bit late weighing in but I just found this site. I must object to "Lastly...this is very un-Negro of her". Black girls are not all the same in behavior and attitude, and its irresponsible to stereotype in this manner. I am Black woman and I am secure enough in my self and my relationship to not be or act possessive about my man. Do not pain us all with one brush.


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