Black Girls' Night Out: Lina Green Talks ABC's "Twisted"

Here's another way to keep tabs on the latest show to capture my attention.  Model, actress (I'm assuming), and TV/radio host Lina Green is a part of a four-person team who talks all things Twisted episode by episode.

The great thing about the show is that it points out things you may have missed while watching.  Like another host on the show, Stephen, I was shocked that ABC Family could even produce something this dark and well-written.

Now, the great thing about Lina is that she's a fabulous Black girl who's vocally pro-Danny & Lacey, and ain't afraid to say it.  She wanted those two together from the get, she read their body language correctly from day one, and she predicted the infamous kiss almost right on schedule.

May the writers never disappoint her...and us.

Here are the first five eps:

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