Black Girls' Night Out: Lina Green Talks "Twisted"

Sheeeeeeee's baaaaaaack!!!

The Club wishes the lovely Lina Green a speedy recovery from her knee surgery.  'Cause when it comes to a chat show about Twisted, we already know we need a Black female voice on the panel.


This comment on the vid stood out to me:
"I want to know why the show seems to center so much around Jo and her family and her feelings. I don't know, I thought Danny would be the lead or at least the three of them equally. It's a strange narrative choice to have us see everything mainly through Jo's eyes. I think both Danny and Lacey are very misunderstood and their actions can be confusing because of this."

That's a good point, RavenSub. That's a damn good point.


  1. I like the reassurance that ABC Family is no stranger to steam sexiness.

    'Cause Lord knows we have some needs and requirements for the Danny/Lacey ship.

  2. I hate that Lena is out. I like hearing about OUR perspective about shows like Twisted. Without people like her, no thoughts would be made about Lacey and everything will be discussed about Jo.

    I don't get that myself..about Jo. We're trying to learn about Danny. Jo and Lacey is trying to figure him out. I would like to see more of Laceys family. Maybe there something that we may not know about Jo.

    1. She was out in the last vid; this one showcased her triumphant return.

    2. Oh! Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to more commentaries from her.

    3. She wasn't very chatty in this one, but I'm hoping she speaks up more in the next one.

  3. That is one thing that irks me about this show.... How much focus is put on Jo. Guess I was mistaken that this show was to be about all of them at least to a somewhat equal extent? But no, we know all about Jo's relationship with her parents, her home life and her aspirations. Hell we know more about her parents than we do about Lacey! On the other hand, we're a bit in the dark about the other main characters. I think all I know about Lacey's parents is that they're divorced (?) and her mom is played by Robin Givens. We know slightly more about Danny's parents, but it sure as hell isn't much. However, I understand Danny's p.o.v. has to be a little vague to flirt with the idea of is he or isn't he a sociopath.

    It is rather annoying that Jo always seems to be the catalyst for interactions between Danny and Lacey--which makes me cringe since I always sense a serious case of third wheel going on. I just hope this pattern changes now that Lacey has finally given in...sort of.

    1. I see what the writers are doing, they're just not doing it well.

      Lacey needs to be more fleshed out, and not simply because she's seeing Danny. Her importance cannot hinge on her relationship with him...but I bet that's where the writers are going with this.


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