I have a stupid question.  Who in their right mind leaves Antoinette Tuff after 33 years?


  1. Bet he's kicking himself now.

  2. Well I have something to bitch about, and rave about. I don't know if any of you have heard but the Supreme Court wiped their hands clean of the Baby Veronica case. They sent the case back to South Carolina and the state decided to reverse their decision, and rip her from her Indigenous family's arm. The father Dusten Brown refuses to give her up, and I agree. The white couple the Capobiancos have yet to see her. There was alot of lying and scheming, and no major news outlet is covering this. I hope Al Jazeera America picks this one up.

    On the other note I am LOVING Al Jazeera America. AJAM all the way.

  3. Well to be honest we do not know what all went on in their marriage. I would rather celebrate the fact that this woman saved a lot of people by talking this village idiot down.

  4. De-lurking again! Hi, y'all! I have something i would like to get off my chest. Is it wrong for me to defend twerking? A lot of black women want to throw black women who do it under the best and it rubs me the wrong way. They claim it because they want standards within the black community and that twerking degrades actual dances within the african diaspora. I firmly believe it isn't something to be ashamed of within black culture but perhaps i'm not getting the memo. Perhaps I'm wrong. I just have this gross feeling that all of this rhetoric is to appease to non blacks and declare that 'we are all not like that" spiel. I know we aren't monolith and all, but still. Thoughts? it would be greatly appreciated. Like this really, really bothering me. Sorry! and thanks, again!

    1. And anybody who leaves Mrs. Tuff after 30 yrs is an idiot who clearly left a superhero. I'd regret that decision my entire life lol!

    2. Twerking doesn't bother me, and since every other woman in the world is stepping over us to try it/ruin it, it's yet another sign we're doing something right...or rather, have something they want.

      The appropriation and "ratchet culture" label, however, don't sit so well with me.

      And anybody who leaves Mrs. Tuff after 30 yrs is an idiot who clearly left a superhero.

      That's what I'm sayin'!!!


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