Black Girls' Night Out: Jessica Pearson

Perfection Herself
Club members, I've tried.  I got the DVD, watched on TV once and then the next thing I knew I was on my computer making screencaps.  I couldn't help myself.  Gina Torres truly is perfection, and her wardrobe is straight fierce.

Season 2 reminds us that although Jessica Pearson is the managing partner at Pearson Hardman, we've yet to meet Hardman.  But before we get to that, Season 1 ended with an ex-friend of Mike's outing him and exposing that he never went to Harvard.

So the very first episode begins with Jessica taking Mike to dinner to suss him out.  And...I'd been wondering if at some point - any point - someone would address the ageless beauty that is Gina Torres.

Much to my surprise....

"Black don't crack."
He really says to her while they're having dinner.

And she wears it with a fur coat!

It's like they just handed this one to me.

These two....
Harry Spector (Gabriel Macht) and Jessica Pearson continue to have this unnameable, endearing, yet vibrant chemistry.  Especially now that Hardman's back, and since these two were the reason he went on involuntary extended vacay, they've got to band together to keep their jobs.


I need these earrings right now.
This dress is stunning.  It's form-fitting and knee-length,
and the waist cinches in the back.

How am I fabulous?  Not enough numbers to count the ways.
Love iiiiiiiit!

These two....

Oh, and by the way...if you're expecting a follow up with Meghan Markle's character, don't hold your breath.  Not only is she looking whiter than ever, her character summary might as well read "window dressing."


  1. I LOVE the red and white dresses! The rest I did not care for. Love Gina.

  2. I am continuously in disbelief at Mike's place in the show and in the firm. Despite loving Suits at the beginning, I've lost interest enough to have basically dropped it at this point. Jessica and Gina are awesome and the main reason I kept on as long as I did, but I don't like the way the show's going right now. And I loved every facet of the Harvey/Jessica dynamic, even shipping them. But of course everyone loves Harvey/Donna. Ah, well.

  3. But of course everyone loves Harvey/Donna. Ah, well.

    Ah, well, indeed - that's a sheer sign of desperation. Donna and Louis Litt have the oddball chemistry going, always bribing each other with theater tickets and shit.

    Gina is basically my sole reason for watching this show. She really is perfection and she be wearing the hell outta them clothes.

  4. Gyatdamb!!!! Girl I need that white dress and the red dress stat. And I'll take everything else too.

    1. That's what I'm sayin'!!! Starting with the fur coat.

  5. I love Queen Jessica Pearson. She's why I started watching and she'll be why I stop if she ever leaves or they diminish her role in any way. They better recognize.

  6. You figure, the costume designer for this show needs to just give her these clothes b/c NO ONE else they will ever fit has her figure.
    See, this is what I LOVE about black women. Even when slim, we frequently still have a nice shape. Her legs are not bony (remember Cleopatra 2525?) If I was a director, I would NOT shoot most white women from the side, b/c it just emphasizes the fact that their butts are flat like trays...those form fitting dresses do them no favors.
    Gina/Jessica on the other hand fills out her dresses from every angle, and you KNOW people are hating on her tiny, tiny waist. It's like I see a dress and then the next scene she is wearing something even more fabulous.
    And yeah, Rachel's figure is...interesting. Sad, but true. Most of her clothes are not flattering in my opinion.
    But Gina is a great example of the kind of woman who should be much bigger than she is. I'm sorry, but the white women that Hollywood and the media stumble over have NOTHING on her. Angelina who?

    1. And yeah, Rachel's figure is...interesting. Sad, but true. Most of her clothes are not flattering in my opinion.

      Now...they do emphasize the class gap between the two. Gina's character makes millions of dollars. Rachel is a young paralegal living in New York determined to make ends meet on her own salary. That's why it looks like she shops at Marshall's, Old Navy, and Forever 21...which is aight if you ain't got money.

    2. For sure...she would be living on H&M b/c while the flashback shows that she is from money, she is living by her own means (we've never seen her apartment and no one knows who her dad is except Donna).
      But I just mean that she has very spindly legs and arms but wide shoulders and no waistline. The put her in tight clothes and I feel as if the message is "oh, what a hot girl, isn't she so hot." I'm not a man or a white person but to me her figure is nothing to envy (and I can say that as a fat black lady b/c yeah, a lot of white women have very odd proportions to my eyes. Not overweight, but badly shaped which kind of cancels out what the scale says in ways they are loath to admit. I rarely see a white woman that I think is well built or has a nice body)

      I haven't seen her next to Gina Torres but she looks like an average to below-average height. But her waist is non-existent, and much larger than Gina's. Not her fault. But it's interesting that the sight of her in tight clothes and in slow motion is supposed to be so intoxicating. I feel as if the clothes indicate not just a class/income gap but are supposed to show off her desirability.
      The one that they SHOULD be showing in slow motion walking through the office is Gina Torres. But you can tell that whoever does the costuming enjoys dressing her. It is very on point for a women of her stature and money.
      I mean, every time I watch that show I curse the fact that in both height and body type, I am so different from the rest of my family. My mom basically had Gina Torres' figure 40 years ago (just about 2 1/2 inches shorter). And she could sew so she kept it sharp back in the day.

  7. OMG, just saw her dressed in the evening and draped in fur. I just cannot take it. And in an episode where a man had the nerve to tell her she was jealous of a plain jane, emaciated, old looking white girl.

  8. Oh, prepared to be underwhelmed by the behavior of Rachel's black father if you get that far. So they DO acknowledge her blackness but give her a dysfunctional relationship with her dad. Oh, and be prepared to roll your eyes hard when Jessica has to pay a couple of visits to him.


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